How Miserable Lives " THEY" Must Be Living

” THEY ” are the ones who are scattered all around the Globe. The extremely sad , scornful , revengeful , unloved and malicious souls .

I personally believe that We can only give out what we have within ourselves . The One who is always making others happier is also the one is abundantly happy and rich inside. On the other side , the one who makes others feel insulted , dejected and unwanted is the one who is filled with Hatred inside.

Simply put , when we squeeze a lemon , we get lemon juice and when we squeeze a orange , we get orange juice. What vibrations you send to people is Who You Are Inside.

And I keep wondering how Miserable it is to live with a constant fear that Everyone is here to bring you harm. ” They ” spend an eternity not loving or trusting anyone around them. Carrying the long list in heads with annual records of ” Who Hurt me When ” and ” How did I avenge them ” is pathetic to me in every sense.

Forgiveness is not something we do for others , It is rather a gift to ourselves.

” THEY ” are the ones who would never miss a chance to hurt you. Because that is the Only Thing that makes them Happier. Needless to say , how wrong they have been living their lives.

An acquaintance of mine , An Old-aged woman in her sixties has been collecting things for over 40 years now .All kinds of things.She won’t leave her home without locking her wardrobe , Almira and beds , trying to save them from her own husband and children.

Extremely Insecure and Possessive for Things not People. She worships Money and hates Everyone else.

The Moment she starts telling you about her Life , you feel trapped inside an Haunted Castle with no escape. The stories are not Scary but Horrible.

She deeply suffers inside, her soul is wounded at all places by Self- Hurt.

She chose to make her Life Miserable and for Everyone around her.

Family and Relatives know that she is mentally unstable , being Unloved for years makes us a Devil.

To be unable to TRUST anyone is a Disease.

The ones who are forever looking for mistakes and faults in others can be compared to the Flies who would sit on cow dung rather than sweets.

And When they find someone who is Flawless , Compromising , Loving and Understanding – They don’t know what to do with them.

” Living Peacefully ” is not their cup of Tea. They look for Conflicts in all situations. They dig in past , make up stories , blame you , criticize you and laugh at you for being who you are.

As Long as You are Living Your Life on their terms , Working like a Robot which has no Emotions. Never Reacting to Anything they say / do. You can  ONLY Survive if you decide to be their Punch Bag.

And I still say , Love them because they need it the most but not at the cost of your own Destruction.

P.S – ” You don’t have to Set Fire to Yourself to Keep Them Warm “


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