“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”

When I was 7, my world used to rotate around two people – Mom and Dad.  My World is upside down from what it was 20 years back but surprisingly, I remain their World till date and probably this won’t change ever.

No matter where we  go or what we do in life, we always need a Parent towards the end of the day for the re-assurance that we are protected and loved beyond worldly limits.

You are actually their World

Be it preparing your favorite dishes for the short weekend you’ll be home or putting pause on TV as they see your name flashing on the Phone, You always come First. They will  sacrifice literally everything for you.

They need Love as much as you Do

Our Parents need to hear ” I love you ” more often. They are going through a stage where most of the people  begin to feel abandoned and deserted. We can express our love in simplest of things like calling them every day and sharing little things about what we do. Listening to what they have to say also counts in love.

And Lastly , They were always RIGHT

They were Right when they told you to stop plucking eyebrow hairs as you stepped in Teenage. They were also Right when they suspected you were in a bad company. From your friends, lovers and choice of careers, they always had a more Poignant View of You.

Our Parents don’t expect much from us, only that we remain Happy in whatever we do.

Let me know you were here :)

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