Is Life too as Painful as Death ? Yes , Sometimes…

“Your ancestors have left you with a letter and a book full of mysteries of life. How will you react?”

Thinking about Life and Death  itself sends a chill down my spine .  Death is the greatest loss to bear in Life.All of us have been through this stage . But , Isn’t Life more painful than Death sometimes…

You could be standing next to someone who is living his last day on Earth and not even know it. A beggar that you pass by every day while walking down the streets could just vanish one day. Someone who returns back home every day from work might never come back one day. It’s the Scariest Thing to Read / Write or Talk about. 

Despite knowing that Death is the End of All.

The Words we say to someone could be the last words from our mouth. Do we ever Care ?

The World is encompassed of Mysteries and Wonders. Each Day has something New. It thrills and scares that any given moment could be our Last .

I had never seen my Grand Pa and I distinctly remember the day when my Grand Ma left us. We were not allowed to participate in any ceremonial practices.I stole a glance and saw my Dad Crying. The moment I saw him , I broke inside. My Pet left us one day .She had not slept since days and hardly ate anything. She chose to spend her last moments in my lap. For Months , our Family looked shattered. My Mother’s sister and Best Friend’s sister passed away shockingly which was a major set back of my Life. My friend’s Grand Pa had left and she was alone home when she head this news. I ran to her and the way she broke down in front me is embarked upon my heart.My Cousin’s husband passed away within few months of Marriage which literally tore apart my soul.

Life is so uncertain. You could be here this moment and gone in another.

I ain’t good at maintaining a posture when I see people even strangers Cry. I am Hyper Sensitive. I can feel the Pain of another person. And I know Life is more painful than Death.It won’t stop teaching us until we learn. Some lessons are treacherous and evil and they cage our innocent hearts.People Hurt us and We Grow. If they took away the pain they gave us , they would also be taking our strengths away.

There is no Chaos in the Universe. Everything has a REASON. Slip of tongues , eye lash wishes , dreams , visions , signs , co incidences always mean something , something bigger than what we comprehend.

 I am participating in this creative activity organised by makers of The Path of Zarathustra in association with BlogAdda.”

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