Anyone who has time for drama is not gardening enough



Gardening started as an unusual hobby for me and has almost become an obsession. Now, I get more enthusiastic about going to a nursery than a mall.

I have spent most of my life in the concrete jungles of the world, be it New Delhi where I was raised, Los Angeles- my first home away from home or Houston.

Aside from houseplants and flowers in the balcony, I have never had a garden.

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Still Learning How to Balance the Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows of life..

I am skipping Day 29: What are your goals for the next 30 days?

– I don’t plan my life. It never worked as per the plan. There is something fascinating about unfamiliarity, uncertainty and spontaneous life. I would feel like a robot on a mission if I compelled myself to achieve specific goals in the next 30 days. I would willingly go with the flow and see where life takes me.

Day 30: My highs and lows of the month


1- I feel more connected to my friends, family and relatives. Covid-19 has driven us to choose for ourselves- what genuinely is vital for us.

2- I am re-discovering myself. Amidst the everyday jobs, daily errands and endless race, I somehow left myself behind. In the hunt of locating what I’d like to become, I abandoned who I was then.

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Things that make me laugh even when I’m in a bad mood..

Day 28: Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud.

There is nothing in this world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor

– Charles Dickens

1- Dogs

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25 Signs You’re Content and Genuinely Happy With Your Life.

We are a generation that grew up listening to words like, ” Life is a race”, ” Go big or go home” and ” Compete until your haters brag they know you”.

Whether it was academics, sports, arts or extra-curricular activities, they encouraged us to see our classmates as a competition.

I don’t blame them either. Every generation thinks their parents could have raised them better and tries to make up for it by introducing a new experiment.

I was an overachiever as a child. That kid whom everybody despises. I was everywhere, be it drama or debate. As a teenager, my world suddenly went upside down. It was no longer the topper but the backbencher who had all the spotlight. If you could talk back to the teachers, bunk the classes and break a few bones- you were the Cool One.

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An area in my life I would like to improve

Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

How to ignore chronic copycats ?

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. But there comes a point when it messes with my head. Where does one draw a line? To what extent can people replicate you?

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