10 Things You Should Know About Indian Americans

1- According to Merrill Lynch, there were 200,000 millionaires of Indian origin back in times when the population of overseas Indians was far lesser than what it is today.


2- India was the leading country of origin in the USA with 14 founders of billion dollar companies.


3- Indian-Americans are the richest ethnic communities in the US with a median income of around 100,000 USD

Portrait of Indian man standing in a doorway.

4- Around 71% of all Indians in the USA have a bachelor’s degree or higher and in comparison, the national average of 28%


5- 40% of all Indians in the United States have a doctorate, master’s degree or other professional degrees which is again five times the national average of USA


6- Around 35% or even more hotels in the US are owned by Indians and a vast majority of them are owned by the Patels of Gujarat.



7- There are around 223,000 Indian-owned firms in the US that employ more than 600,000 employees.


8- According to a 2014 study, 15% of start-ups in Silicon Valley were founded by Indians even though Indians made just 6% of the Valley’s working population

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9- According to Safra Catz, the CEO of the Software major Oracle Corporation, 75% of its management is actually from India.


10- Pepsi, Microsoft, MasterCard, Google, Adobe, SanDisk, all of them have one thing in common and that is their CEOs who have at least finished their graduation (bachelors) from India.




33,000 Indian Millionaires are living in UAE



Indians have played a significant role in the development of the UAE. The overseas Indians who are living in the UAE are known for discipline, technical expertise, and low criminal activity.

The population of UAE is around 9.2 million, out of which only 1.2 are Emirati citizens. The UAE is home to 2.8 million Indians.

According to the 2005 report by Merril Lynch, there were around 33,000 Indian millionaires living in the USA.


In 2015, the annual remittance made by the Indian community in the UAE was around 12.5 billion USD.

Source – India in Details

Meet Nikita Goel – She Has Co-Authored 17 Books but has Never Read a Single One Before Taking to Writing — StarWords India

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There should always be something bigger than your fears: Bernard D’sa

Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Bernard D’sa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Raindrops Inc. (the parent company of Raindrops Publishers). He is deeply passionate about poetry, which reflects, in his work. He studied English literature along with philosophy and spirituality. He started as a writer and observed that it is very difficult to be published at Indian publishing scenario.Raindrops Inc. (Raindrops Company) came into being in 2012 and has been growing ever since. Continue reading

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One Man Started a Forest and Another Moved The Mountains: Real Life Superheroes

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Jadav Payeng and Dashrath Manjhi. Jadav is an  environmental activist and forest worker from Jorhat, India.  He is the man who single-handedly planted a 1,360-acre forest. He transformed a barren land into a lush new forest. Who says, a man alone can do nothing.

Jadav Payeng is the man who single-handedly started a forest.Watch the documentary here


Dashrath Manjhi is the man who carved a mountain using hammer and chisel over a period of 22 years. Watch him here


Here are two brave souls who devoted their entire lives for mother nature. One was determined to start a forest and another wanted to break a mountain and carve a path for his villagers.




He single-handedly created 1,360 acres of the jungle when he was just a teenager worried about his homeland. “The snakes died in the heat, without any tree cover. I sat down and wept over their lifeless forms. It was carnage. I alerted the forest department and asked them if they could grow trees there. They said nothing would grow there. Instead, they asked me to try growing bamboo. It was painful, but I did it. There was nobody to help me. Nobody was interested,” says Payeng. He even transplanted ants to his burgeoning ecosystem to bolster its natural harmony.


Dashrath, on the other hand, was ridiculed for having an ambition of moving the mountains. He tirelessly worked for 22 years and carved the mountain. His inspiration was the death of his beloved due to lack of medical attention. The villagers had to travel 70 kilometers to see a doctor, the distance was reduced to one kilometer after efforts of Dashrath. He was denied help or assistance from the Indian government.He was called the poor man’s Shah Jahan by filmmaker Ketan Mehta who has also made a documentary on his life.


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An Exotic Weekend In The Bahamas

Early this month, we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a four-day escape to the wild, exotic and breathtakingly beautiful islands of The Bahamas.


The Bahamas Paradise Cruise was our most awaited travel destinations. This ship is a vacation in itself. A 2-night cruise that sails every alternate day from Florida to the Bahamas. It is perfect for impromptu travelers.

We were lucky that the Chefs on the cruise prepared Indian dishes. With all day dining, we feasted ourselves to our heart’s desires. The casino, onboard shows, music and dance, magicians and comedians made it all a dream come true. Our first cruise experience was anything but magical. The Carribean has its own charm. The Ocean consumes my whole existence, the smell of the ocean intoxicates me and the music of the waves is meditative.

The beauty of the Bahamas is unspoiled, untouched and exotic beaches with natural wonders. The Bahamian culture and history are worth exploring. The people are the friendliest, most laid back and happiest ones. We brought back home a lot of souvenirs from the Islands. I was told that Nikita is a Bahamian name. ( It is Russian, too).

It was a happy weekend





The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

When I started blogging a decade back, Indiblogger was a constant source of inspiration with new contests, forums and discussions about everything under the sky. I made some wonderful friends as we debated about the burning issues of the world with like minded people. Probably, I would have left blogging long time back, if I did not have Indiblogger.

I have been listed in Top Indian Bloggers for three consecutive years, thanks to Indiblogger. I earned unlimited  vouchers, hampers, gifts and books through this website, all I had to do was participate. If you are capable, you shall be rewarded here.

I am thrilled to be nominated under 5 categories;

1- Relationships

2- Gender Equality

3- Religion and Spirituality

4- Information on Indian culture, arts and science.

5- Parenting

It is the right time to show some love, folks 😀

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I feel numb most of the days. Like nothing affects me at all. My brain as if has stopped reacting to emotions.

Ten years down the lane, I was this girl who would get excited for having ice cream, cry if anyone in the world raised voice, dance when her favorite song was played. A girl who lived in the moment. She felt everything inside her veins. She was living on the edge, always too excited, too sad, too happy or too gloomy.

And surprisingly, I do not want to be that girl again.

There is a war going inside me and no matter who wins the battle, I will lose the game of life.