Every picture tells a story

Every picture tells a story. What is your story?


What are your first thoughts when you look at this picture?  Do I look happy or can you see a sadness in those eyes? Our stories of success, failure, joys, heartbreaks, disappointments, and grief when told honestly becomes a source of inspiration and empowerment to others.

I am sharing my story. This was the month of February 2014. There was an annual fest at my college and I was going through one of the roughest days of my life. Everything was pretty much shattered including my hopes and dreams.

This picture tells the story of a warrior who decided to just let go. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is not to fight. You would be invited to all kinds of troubles, pick them wisely.

No response is a strong response. Your message has been delivered.

Pictures capture a precise, perfect moment and freeze it in time forever. Do not shy away from taking pictures of everything you love, including yourself.

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