Know Thyself

It took me twenty years to understand that I am my own priority. Nobody else  is resposible for my happiness or sorrow. If we go around life putting blame on our parents, spouses, teachers, friends or even circumstances, we deserve that life.

We create happiness and sorrows based upon our own persectives of life. Therefore, Karle khud se hi pyaar bandeya  hai jahan ki tujhko khabar khudse hai par tu bekhabar ( Love yourself for a change. You know everything about the world but are unaware of yourself)

The quiz below is to know thyself. I would like to tag everyone who reads this post. Answer all these questions and post them.

  1. Dog or Cat : Dogs
  2. Netflix or YouTube: YouTube
  3. Toast or Eggs: I hate eggs
  4. Cardio or Weights: None.
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  6. Ice cream cone or snow cone: Ice creams, anyday
  7.  Mobile games or console games: None.
  8. While walking, music or podcasts: None. I am a people watcher. I like observing people and creating their life stories inside my head.
  9. iOS or Android: iOS
  10. Cake or Pie: Cake
  11. Swimming or Sunbathing: None. I love staying inside water for hours but I can not swim.
  12. Big party or small gathering: Big parties are chaotic. I hate loud music, herds of people and small talk. So, it explains.
  13. New clothes or new phone: Clothes. I am a shopaholic.
  14. Rich friend or loyal friend: I have a bunch of loyal friends already so just for a change a rich friend would be sooo good to have.
  15. Football or Basketball: None
  16. Nice car or Nice home interiors: Home interiors. I am a crazy DIY Person and every wall of my home has to reflect some emotion. Cars are just a necessity to me unless we are talking about Corvette
  17. What’s worse, laundry or dishes: Dishes. Why do we have to eat every day. Life would have been so much better if we could go on living and ate once every week.
  18. Jogging or hiking: Hiking, maybe.
  19. Bath or shower: Bath
  20. Sneakers or sandals:Depends on the mood.
  21. Glasses or contacts: Contacts. I had love to have green eyes.
  22. Hamburger or taco: Tacos.
  23. Couch or Recliner: Recliner
  24. Online shopping or shopping in a store : It too, depends on the mood. I love shopping. There should be new clothes and it does not matters how they reach me.Pyasa kuye k paas jaye ya kuya pyase k paas aaye 😛
  25. Receive, email or letter: Letters. I am a hopeless romantic. If I could, I would only communicate with people by writing letters to them. I literally force people to write things for me on paper. Everything matters when it is handwritten
  26. Passenger or Driver:  Quite recently, I have started loving being on the driver’s seat.
  27. Tablet or Computer: Computer
  28. Most important in a partner, Intelligent or funny: Funny stops amusing when you can not have a deep conversation with your partner. Inteligence is sexy. People who can change your perspectives about life without being clingy or forceful is a blessing.
  29. Car or Truck:Car
  30. Blue or Red:Orange
  31. Money or Free Time; Money
  32. Amusement park or Day at the Beach: Beach please!
  33. At a movie, Candy or Popcorn: Popcorn.
  34. Pen or Pencil: Pen. I can never have enough of them.
  35. Pancake or Waffle: I am a desi at heart, I would rather have halwa.
  36. Coke or Pepsi: None
  37. Coffee Cup or Thermos: Cups.
  38. Blinds or Curtain: Curtains.
  39. Train or Plane: Train. There is a certain kind of a joy about train journeys which is unbeatable.
  40. Phone or Tablet: Phone.
  41. Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: Hot Coffee. Iced Coffee and Ice Tea are oxymorons, please. Tea and Coffee were made to be served hot.
  42. Meat or Vegetables: I am a vegetarian till my last breath. It is not my religion or peer pressure that forces me to stay away from meat. It is my own conscience. Animals are not for us, they are with us. I believe that if all meat eaters are shown how their food reaches the plate, half of them would quit.
  43. International vacation or a New TV: Is that even a choice? Vacation, always. Already life is too short to see all the places of the world.
  44. Save or Spend: In a dilemna. What if we save all our lives and when time comes to spend it, there is no time left? Okay, let me be honest- spend.
  45. Honesty or other’s feelings: Other’s feelings. The truth will show up sooner or later, it does not has to come from you.
  46. Coffee or Tea: CHAI
  47. TV or Book: Book
  48. Movie at home or Movie at the theater:  At home.
  49. Oceans or Mountains: Can I have both?
  50. Horror Movie or Comedy Movie: Horror
  51. City or Countryside: Countryside.
  52. Winter or Summer: Summers make me sick, mentally and physcially. Winters are all hearts.
  53. Soup or Sandwich ;Soup
  54. Card games or Board games: Board Games
  55. Camping or binge watching shows at home: Camping. Anything that can take me away from screen is always a YES.
  56. Sweater or Hoodie:Overcoats
  57. Motorcycle or bicycle: Bicycle
  58. Book or e-book: Book.
  59. When sleeping, fan or no fan: No fan.
  60. TV shows or Movies: Movies