The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

When I started blogging a decade back, Indiblogger was a constant source of inspiration with new contests, forums and discussions about everything under the sky. I made some wonderful friends as we debated about the burning issues of the world with like minded people. Probably, I would have left blogging long time back, if I did not have Indiblogger.

I have been listed in Top Indian Bloggers for three consecutive years, thanks to Indiblogger. I earned unlimited  vouchers, hampers, gifts and books through this website, all I had to do was participate. If you are capable, you shall be rewarded here.

I am thrilled to be nominated under 5 categories;

1- Relationships

2- Gender Equality

3- Religion and Spirituality

4- Information on Indian culture, arts and science.

5- Parenting

It is the right time to show some love, folks 😀

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I feel numb most of the days. Like nothing affects me at all. My brain as if has stopped reacting to emotions.

Ten years down the lane, I was this girl who would get excited for having ice cream, cry if anyone in the world raised voice, dance when her favorite song was played. A girl who lived in the moment. She felt everything inside her veins. She was living on the edge, always too excited, too sad, too happy or too gloomy.

And surprisingly, I do not want to be that girl again.

There is a war going inside me and no matter who wins the battle, I will lose the game of life.


10 Reasons Why New Delhi Has Spoilt You Forever!


Ask a dilliwala and you’ll know what it actually means to be in India’s capital- New Delhi. It’s a concrete jungle bubbling with over enthusiastic people. There’s always something happening in the city that the world is talking about.

Whatever your idea of happiness is, you’ll find it in New Delhi.

It’s the only place in the world where contemporary blends perfectly with medieval past.


1-  Dilli = Food Paradise

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