Trying too hard to make yourself seem important?

You know you are in a bad company when all the mutual conversations are about “THEM” - their achievements, relationships, travel plans, social circle and even personal issues. They make you feel unimportant and unworthy, but their insecurity makes their lives worse. “Oh, you know, French! Good for you! I know 7 languages. ,” Are [...]

10 types of “Settlers of Catan” players you’ll find in every group

Once you enter the " Settlers of Catan" world, there is no going back to the reality. You'll be hooked for life. Catan is not for feeble minded, It's a WAR. Here is the list of 10 types of " Catan" players ( I know them personally) 1- The Maniac This person will be willing [...]

Still living in the 90’s

There are three months left in this decade. In.This.Decade. Some days, I still wake up and think I am living in the ’90s. I pretty much can’t remember anything groundbreaking that happened between 2000 and 2019 except that I got married. In the next few months, we would enter 2020!!!!!! Remember, this was the year [...]

Every word matters.

A matchstick can cause a wildfire, and fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can cause typhoon half way around the world. Every word matters. Every little act serves a purpose. We often convince ourselves when our partner says mean things to us. ” Oh, it is the work stress”, ” She did not mean it, she [...]

Goodbye, Anxiety

I realized today that I have stopped being excited about life. I am waiting endlessly for things to fall into place. You know this feeling when you are breaking down and nobody even notices... When someone texts you, " How are you" and you wish you could scream and tell them, " I do not [...]

Why do some people need constant change

Are you someone/ Do you know someone who is incapable of " settling down" , whether it is a job or a city. Even if they do find their " happy" space physically and emotionally, they are always wondering what lies on the other side. They are the kind who have an insatiable desire to [...]

“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”

When I was 7, my world used to rotate around two people – Mom and Dad.  My World is upside down from what it was 20 years back but surprisingly, I remain their World till date and probably this won’t change ever. No matter where we  go or what we do in life, we always [...]