In the End, All You Got Is Yourself


You only got  yourself.

When you lie down on the bed every night, thinking about everything that happened to you that day, that month, that year, last year or ten years back – You only have Yourself.

What goes on inside you, nobody understands but you. No matter, how much you are loved by people, what matters is how much you value yourself.

Those little heartbeats can get louder than the thunderstorms, That little Voice inside you screams when it gets quiet outside.

We give away our Lives trying to fit in the world that is forever trying to mold us in a different way. The Truth is, You can never be good enough for everyone.

People will always ask for more than what they are willing to give.

We leave parts of ourselves in all the places and people we loved only to realize one day that there isn’t much left for ourselves. We deprive ourselves of the Love we deserve. The Cruelest thing we do is to put ourselves Second. When we put others first, we teach them that we come second. We tell them that You have the Right to walk all over me if that makes you feel any better.

Loving someone with your Soul means giving them the right to destroy you completely but trusting that they won’t. Just Imagine, if we loved ourselves as much as we love others. If we sat and talked to ourselves every day and asked, ” Are you feeling okay “.

There is a little voice inside us that has all the answers.

We have ignored ourselves for so long that the little voice inside has died.  It says nothing anymore and we feel so lost in the wilderness of this world.

Expecting from another to understand you is futile. Expectations itself are the root cause of all suffering. In the end, All You Got is Yourself. Everyone you love is going to hurt you one day. Invest time in Yourself. Isolate yourself from the World occasionally. Do not drown in the expectations people keep from you.

Happiness is Inside you. Everything that you are seeking is already inside you. Stop looking in far off lands and pay attention to things that surround you. It is the little things that made you smile when you were a child. Reconnect with Yourself. Find yourself and this world won’t be painful anymore.

Remind yourself every day that – You Matter.

When you need love, dig it from within. You think you need love and appreciation from outside to keep going but this is just a lie you have told yourself all these years. The only love you need is Self Love.

21 thoughts on “In the End, All You Got Is Yourself

  1. Yes very true. The little voice is us in the end.I felt connected to your thoughts and felt like sharing my thoughts again in poetry.

    Little Voice

    My little voice has a choice,
    To speak to me when there is too much noise,
    To not speak at all or just whisper the memories forgotten.
    One second leaps the other jumps
    and another day is done.
    Often I have slept in ignorance
    The heart beats occasionally
    to life's beautiful song,
    Today I see things and my
    little voice again sings.
    Copyright @Sufia Khatoon


  2. beautifully expressed. Yes we need to fall in love with ourselves before we can love someone else. The little voice in our heads sometimes has all the solutions to our problems 🙂


  3. Congratulations! You just intuitively did sum up the vast concept of which many do seek for their entire life.
    I think once you accomplish that you and god become one.

    But on the path there, as you said, you first have to sacrifice everything, l
    ike your mentioned beloved person and all your attachments.
    This seems counter-intuitive but it strips away all distractions.


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