The Amreekan Desi Podcast is an initiative by Nikita Goel dedicated towards Desi women breaking stereotypes, crossing boundaries and awakening the Durga within.

Who is Durga? Why should women awaken the Devi within?

Without Durga, there can be no creation. As the energy that holds the cosmos together, she is the movement of the galaxies that create new stars and black holes.

Season 1

Episode 1- Everything you wanted to know about Gayatri Mantra

Episode 2- Ten Reasons why New Delhi has spoilt you forever.

Episode 3- The Wardrobe of a woman and the dignity of the family

Episode 4- Is it that time of the month?

Episode 5- Kundalini Awakening: Living in the fourth dimension.

Episode 6- Listen to this if you are lucky enough to have a parent or two alive.

Episode 7- Is your inner child ruining your adult relationships?

Episode 8- Stop this Bullshit! Raksha Bandhan is not patriarchal.

Episode 9- Chess ” Explained” on Netlfix.

Episode 10- Is walking away from marriage easier today?

Episode 11- Ten cool things you did not know about Lord Ganesha

Season 2

Episode 1- H4 Visa or Prisoner Visa?