Airtel 4G

Internet has changed the World.

I remember I was in standard 6th when I first made my email account and those days ” Chatting with Friends ” was in trend. I took Pride in telling my friends that I created my email.

Than came Orkut . I joined Orkut and made Friends. I uploaded pictures and we wrote Testimonials for each other . We shared our favorite songs with each other. There wasn’t a Wall or Timeline rather we posted Scraps on each other’s scrap book.

How I waited for Computer Classes .

My happiness knew no bounds when Dad brought us a Computer and We had access to 24 *7 Internet. Those were the days when receiving an email from a friend meant a lot.

And here we are Now when Internet means Everything. We have Facebook , Twitter , Skype , Instagram , Pinterest and what now. We can check -in at places , post pictures within seconds , video call with friends anywhere on the Map.

Life is just a click away.

I remember , A Joke that went Viral.

A – ” Do you have Facebook ?
B- No
A- Do you HAVE Instagram ?
B- No
A- Do You have Twitter ?
B – No
A- Than What do you have ?
B- Life
A- Okay , Send me in Candy Crush.

lol. This is our Times when we know not anything beyond Internet and everything on it. Inorder to pace up with the world , we need to keep marketing ourselves on our Social Networks.

And Trust me Nobody likes Slow Internet. I hate sitting in front of my laptop waiting for my Internet Connection to bless me . I waited for 2 hours today to connect Skype . Forget about downloading Movies. 24 hours seem less. You can’t watch a Video here without buffering.And it Sucks.

In my PROFESSION , my requirement is Fast Internet 24 hours. I am given Writing Projects any time during the day with a dead lines and It is suffocating when Internet becomes a reason for your delayed salary.

I am Thankful and extremely Grateful that Airtel launched 4G in India.

India has one of the largest number of Internet Users. Obviously , we are in Millions here. We are always trending on Facebook and our Views matter a lot when anything needs special attention.

Work becomes easier. Working women and men can find more time to spend with their families. It in ways brings us together. It might have  isolated us from ourselves but it makes us come closer to our dear ones.

Developed Countries offer the Fastest Speed Internet Services to it’s Citizens. 3G happened long back. It was the dire need of society . This has marked a dent in the Universe. Airtel challenges all other networks free lifetime bill if they can offer better Internet Services.

Indeed , a Challenge – Airtel 4G



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