There is something beautiful about communicating in the way generations before us once did. You would have heard stories about how your parents wrote letters to Santa or how your grandparents stayed connected during the war times. Letters connected the immigrants’ families and friends living oceans apart. That is how they used to send snapshots of their lives. Letters displayed on museum shelves preserve the memories of people and their lives. Order HERE

A Saga of Travel is an International Anthology of Short Stories and Poems on travel from all around the world. It is special because my story titled ‘Lost in Los Angeles’ is a real life experience when I first moved to another country. If you are a close friend, you would already know what happened that day. If not, do get a copy for yourself and read. Pre-Order here


Creative Corner is an International Anthology of Poems featuring work of Poets from all around the world. My Poems- ” A Capricorn Women” and ” Lamenting Voices” has been featured in this book. Buy Here

The Hall of Poets is an international anthology featuring work of 164 Poets from all around the world. My Poem – “He looks at me” has been featured in this book. Buy here

From the Closet of the Heart is a book of love, gratitude, remembrance, and apologies. It is a collection of real-life stories written by writers from the different parts of the world. Stories that are so relatable that you would want to hug the book close to your heart. My story called – ” My own Fairytale” has been featured here which is a celebration of love.

Blues under the Silver Hues

Blues under the Silver Hues is an Anthology of poems, articles and short stories by eminent professors, educationalists, psychologists and students raising awareness about increasing number of suicides in students of all age groups. My Short Story called – ” The House of Rules was breeding the Rebels of Tomorrow “ has been featured here which talks about a sibling pair, Tanya and Kabir and how they rebel against the dictatorship of the Father who fails to believe in their dreams.

Hope Reborn is an Anthology of  Short Stories and Poems dedicated to Legendary Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. The Objective behind is to make the world realize that though Dr.Kalam isn’t amidst us anymore, yet his ideas and vision connect all Indians and one day we’ll realize his Dream for our Nation. My Poem – Once in a Lifetime is a dedication for  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


Life As It Happens is an Anthology of Poems and Short Stories about Life. My Poem-  The Feeling of Being Complete has been featured in this Book.

 Whispers of Love 2 stands in opposition to romanticizing love in novels and movies. It is a collection of Short Stories and Poems that celebrate companionship and compatibility in love. My Poem – ” Love Ruined You” is a dark and intense poem about how we ache for love all our lives and as we grow old, our understanding of love changes. It is a Poem about Sarah whose love object changes with every stage of her life, from her doll to her dreams.

Roses and Rhymes is an Anthology of Poems and a fascinating compendium of melodies revealing records of intimate personal feelings; a melange of emotions that unfolds varied facets of love. My piece of the heart wrapped in a Poem called – “I was 16″ has been published in this Book. I wrote it imagining the plight of a young 16-year old who gets raped being told it is Love. I dedicate this to all the girls who have been physically abused in some way or the other and they never had a way to vent out those feelings of Shame and Disgust.


A Phase Unknown – Woman is an Anthology dedicated to women of all ages and races facing neglect around the Globe. It is a collection of Tales of vengeance of her harassment, of revengeful women to protect their self-respect, dignity, and womanhood. My Short Story – ” I do not love him anymore” has been published in this book which is a complex story about a married couple, Mireya, and Aarav where the husband suffers from mental disequilibrium and makes love to her own wife as Sameer, Akashi, Kabir and Ramesh but never as himself.

 Rhymes and Rhythm is an International Anthology of Poems released in 28 countries worldwide and translated into 15 languages. I had the privilege of publishing three poems in this Book namely, Memories, Writing and Isn’t it all

 I am  Woman is a Book dedicated to Internationally acclaimed Indian Poetess, Kamala Das. It is a collection of poems and short stories resembling the genre of legendary poetess & writer Kamala Das who wrote deeply confessional poems often highlighting a sexual imagery or desires of a woman for physical pleasures. My Short Story- ” Never Again” has been featured in this Book which is about a girl walking out of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend after clinging on to an unfaithful man for years.

 Purple Hues is an Annual International Anthology of Poems, a Project where I worked myself as Managing Editor. It is a collection of Poems about Love and Romance. Three of my Poems have been published in this Book – You’re Alive”, ” It isn’t All”, ” Love Letters” and ” A letter from God” which are a celebration of Life

Purple Hues -2 is the second issue of Annual Anthology Series dedicated to our Real Heroes- Parents. It is a collection of Poems that aims to reunite Parents and Children. Some of the Poems celebrate great childhood memories while others share complex nightmares. Some express the estrangement after a death of parents while others express the deep agony of being an Orphan. My Poems -“ Remember”, ” Return Home”,” I wasn’t raised in a Mansion” have been published in this Book.

 Chixipedia is a dummies’ guide to understanding women and men and learning how to deal with them when they put you in a dangerous spot. These hilarious stories explore the stereotypes, revel in clichés and exploit the common notions about the fairer sex; all in good humor. Don’t misinterpret it as a love story. A worthy and friendly guide to help you figure out the hidden yet obvious things about the opposite sex. My Short Story -” Never” has been published in this Book.


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