Egyptian Single Mother going Viral

As much as it screams about the Strength of WOMAN, it also secretly says that no matter how HARD you try, the WORLD would not stop being PATRIARCHAL !!

Ms. Abu Daooh  64, spent 43 years of her Life in disguise.She was left as an economically paralyzed woman after her husband’s death facing the wrath of the world. She took a decision, to lead a life as a Man.Why ? To protect herself from the beasts dressed as men roaming around in the streets.Faced with a lifetime of begging on the streets, she disguised herself as a man by wearing loose, full-length robes and took on manual jobs making bricks, working in construction and polishing shoes.   This is not a scene from Great Indian Mahabaharth where Pandavas were ordered a thing called AGAT VYAS which meant they had to spend a year in disguise and if spotted or identified, they would need to spend another 14 years as an extended exile in forests. This is Egypt and the great ancient Egyptian Culture.

I am left wondering  – where is the world heading towards. We are completely cut off from our roots and wanting to reach the aliens that lead towards NOTHING.

Pick any Country from  any Continent – India, Persia, Mexico or Greece. We all have a thing in common – a beautiful past. Our beliefs, mythologies, cultures, and traditions are a sharp contrast to our Lives today.Almost all ancient cultures believe in the power of woman and worship women in one form or the other.

In the midst of trying to find a better way of living, we have turned into living corpses – lifeless. Mere wandering souls waiting to be doomed.

Why did Abu Daioh need to disguise herself as a Man to survive?

Why can’t we accept a woman who chose to live without a Man?

Why on Earth is a woman called  a slut if she decides to be on her own?

Why are we raped?

A woman who does the same work , gets a lesser pay and it’s Okay?


Let me know you were here :)

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