How to Protect Yourself against the Evil Eye ( Buri Nazar )

How many of you know that Weather affects our mood? Currently, romancing with the weather of Houston. October happens to be my favorite month of the Year ( of course after January). Halloween, Diwali, Durga Puja and colors of the leaves. 

It’s that time of the Year when we start wishing upon stars.

I am swinging amidst two nations – India and USA as close as the thought that I am doing nothing and This is the most productive phase of my Life as a Writer.

A lot has changed in two years of Marriage. Guess what, I grew up. The excitement, spontaneity, fun and ” I don’t give a damn ” attitude just faded away. Now I care how much of the liberty I give to people around me, how much of my Life is available for people and what exactly do THEY get to know about me.

I am Happy. Needless to say but I no more feel the need of shouting from the topmost roof that I am. It’s kind of Okay today to talk to people only when they wish to. If you want to talk to me, Call me. I am shifting away from the belief that I have to be the One on my toes to maintain relationships. I spend no time worrying about ” Log kya kahenge ” anymore.

They are going to judge you anyway. Why not, do what we like instead of trying to please everyone around and get approved for what we want from life.

After decades, I can finally say that it’s alright if they curse me / hate me / wish me bad. Looking deeper at the matter, they are already in pain. I do not have to Hate them back. I do not have to pile  negativity on negativity. 

The ones who are always jealous of what another person has never lived a Happy Life. No matter, how much they have, they’ll never value anything. Pathetic.

I have been scared all my Life from the Evil Eyes. No more.

If any of this is True, We also have Blissful Eyes around us. There are people who-who genuinely love us, the ones who are really happy for us and wish us peace of mind.

If Buri Nazar at all exists, so does acchi Nazar .

When I share my Happiness and Success stories with people, a series of bad things begin to happen with me.This has to be someone else’s fault. Someone has got it in for you. They are casting the Evil Eye on you.

And we start imagining things like someone is envious of me, my kids, my new car, my new house or my new dress.

So, If someone is casting an Evil Eye upon you, How do you protect yourself?

All the Cultures around the Globe have believed in it for decades. Some split salt on the floor, some wear pendants, some hang lemon and chillies outside homes, some place laughing buddhas inside homes. Surprisingly, I just found out that in Turkey, a blue glass which has eyes all over it named Nazar Boncugu protects the people from it which seems to have originated from India.The Evil Eye in India is referred as Buri Nazar in Hindi.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans, the early Christians and Jews and the Hindus and Muslims all believed in it.


When you tell yourself something again and again for a period of time, It starts taking the shape of a Belief. 

This is a Belief. Just one Thought that is stuck inside your Minds through your ancestors. It’s not based on Facts.

When your circle is Positive and you are not sending out negative vibrations, they won’t reach you either. It’s Magnetic. The Universe works on Thoughts. What you create, you attract.


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