Emptiness That Fills Our Souls

Of not being Understood ,

Of being Judged

Of being Ridiculed

for What You Are

for your Beliefs

for your Dreams

The Vast Emptiness

that fills up our souls

We all come from different backgrounds , different worlds , different outlooks towards Life. My Friend , we  all have travelled thousands and thousands of lives and our memories build us. Our past life experiences determine our Present life. 

We don’t just LIVE once,

Someone once said – Life is like licking honey through the thorns. You only begin to live when you have died a few times. Nobody lives a perfect life and God gives everyone their share of lemons. What you make of them is the only thing that matters.

Our souls have empty spaces waiting to be filled with love. Isn’t it strange , no matter how much we are loved , we always want more of it? Our endless desire to be loved and appreciated by everyone ruins us in the long term. Trying to please everyone is the shortest way to Failure.

Just for instance , ( only applies to Indian Girls ) we grew up listening to beliefs that one girl can make or break the home . Only A girl can tie up two families in a special bond.We have been blessed to make strangers a family. Looking at the other side of the coin , we have been given a huge responsibility failing which we shall be banished from the society as the Wrong Girl.

Nobody talks about the role of parents in -laws who have to make the girl feel home. A child leaves her family forever and promises to love your son all her life and what do you do ?  I believe each and every parent has the equal responsibility to ACCEPT THE GIRL AS SHE IS WITHOUT WANTING TO CHANGE HER AS PER YOUR WHIMS AND FANCIES.You gotta respect the fact that she chose to be a part of your family and deserves as much as love and care as you give to your own biological daughter.A girl who was brought up like a Princess suddenly falls into the trap called Marriage and her life changes forever is the story of every Indian Married Woman.

The moment you step in Marriage , you are judged for everything you do. Only you shall be blamed for anything that goes wrong in the home till you are ALIVE or at least till you don’t find another woman who shall take the role of ” BAHURANI”.

We wear a thousand faces . We refuse to change blaming it all on Society. The truth is we are Empty from inside. We are facing a huge drought inside our souls , We can’t nurture anything or anyone as we are the BARREN inside.

 We have improved , you see – Now we bring up our daughters well but have we changed a bit when the question is about treating a Daughter in law  RIGHT ? Why should she be the one cutting out her life for everyone else ?

Change Yourself before your life Changes.


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