Baby Steps towards Ruling the WORLD

 Walking down the lane, I am left astonished by how far I have come towards achieving my Dreams. I had always been the shy girl sitting around the corner of the room waiting for her chance to come. I had no outlet for my emotions until I discovered that the power of the pen is mightier than the sword. Towards the end of the day, penning down my thoughts as a little girl meant nothing much to me those days. I was the reluctant one to share her feelings with anyone.

Always a little afraid of people, circumstances and may be myself – I liked being alone. I could sit for hours pondering over the things that no 9-year-old normal child would do. My brother often used to tease me by saying she acts like she rules the world. Who knows she might end up doing that.

I remember instances  of people trying to put me down at my School, College and Workplace. I chose to get up every time I fell on the ground.

I was ridiculed, mocked and-and teased.

My heart has been broken many times and I have spent the night crying.It was the pain that worked beautifully on my soul and crafted my dreams like that of a Queen.When I started this Blog five years back, I had no idea – It was paving a way towards my Dream. It was just a place to rant out my feelings to complete strangers who understood me better than the ones closer.

The Introvert in me turned out to be a Writer one day and It happened for good. When I could not speak my mind, I started bleeding on a paper.

Frankly, I feel like a CELEBRITY OVERNIGHT after being honored as THE MANAGING EDITOR at upcoming Anthology – Purple Hues. My poems were selected by the Publisher to be featured in the Anthology.Check the link here

I am also featuring my short story – I do not love him anymore in the Anthology A Phase Unknown Women – Tribute Season 2

Inshah Allah There is high hopes for one more publication which I am yet to reveal.

I am bombarded by a hundred friend request on Facebook and many started following me. There is a sudden outburst of likes on my page The Enchantress

It is just the beginning of Awesomeness all over my Life. These are my baby steps towards ruling the World one day.

Of all the things that you can make, the most important are to MAKE A DIFFERENCE


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