Follow your Dreams, they know the way


 Write about a real or imagined High school reunion. Did it / your classmates live up to your expectations?

Truth be told, none of us has lived to the expectations.

The top scorers, teacher’s pet, favourites of staff, all-rounders and extremely brilliant students can sometimes land up in boring, unrewarding jobs and be called ” losers”.

The “never attended a single class” and ” barely passed” are working as Leaders and Managers, running their own business and making everyone else proud.

I was the perfect ” nobody” in college. My professors would not even remember my name yet I am the only one in my entire batch of English Honours who ended up being a Writer!

My life has always been a roller coaster. I have an academic record of always landing in top 5 students of the class. None of it helped me crack my first interview.I failed in cracking one of the toughest competitive exams for 2 marks, I considered myself a failure after my second attempt, what I didn’t know was that my calling was to write books.


I had lost faith in myself when they laughed at me, today is the day they follow my footsteps.

The ones who screamed to the world that I was good for nothing now swear in my name, tell the world proudly that – She is my friend and I always knew she would make something of herself one day.

There’s no stopping you when you believe in yourself.

I realised quite late in life that rat race, competitive exams and 9 to 5 jobs are not for me. I started working during my college vacations and continued for 5 years, jumping from one job to another, restless and eager, unsatisfied and disillusioned with the idea of working for someone else’s dream. I read somewhere –


I’ve made my teachers, family and friends proud already for choosing a path less travelled and the journey has just begun 🙂

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Prompts for this week:
1. What is something you are pessimistic about?
2. Write about a real or imagined High school reunion. Did it / your classmates live up to your expectations?
3. What do I do to break routine?
4. “Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly”. – G K Chesterton. Use this quote in your post or as an inspiration for one.
5. Picture prompt (credit: Living my Imperfect Life)

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17 thoughts on “Follow your Dreams, they know the way

  1. That is so true! With time things change. People who were succesful once may fail and vice versa. It is good that you chose to follow your dream of being a writer. All the best! Hope I am able to follow my dreams too!

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  2. Isn’t it interesting how you can never tell what life holds? I now wish I had written on this prompt because like you, I was a ‘nobody’ in my psychology cohort. Now, I’m the only one from my Bachelors who is practising clinically. Others have chosen either a teaching route, a different career path or have just chosen not to work at all. And I was the one who the professors didn’t think would really amount to anything! 🙂 Funny how life turns out. The education system sucks. Honest. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

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