Your Mom needs to hear " I love you "

Growing up, our mothers were our go-to person for everything. They had a solution for all things under the sun, from homework hassles to playground problems. She’s always been there for you, your go-to person for everything. Your soundboard, each time you wanted to vent. Your secret keeper, for all the times you wanted to let loose. Your firefighter, for when things got out of hand. Your protector, from everything that scared you. Your teacher, so that you could learn to fight your fears. She is the first person you learned to rely on.

The multi-taskers who played every role, ever so perfectly!Let’s just  be honest for a minute and accept the fact that all of us do take our mothers for granted sometime or the other because we know all they want from us is NOTHING.

Pick any continent, any city, any person and ask them if they have the World’s Best Mother and I bet the answer would be -Yes. Weird.

Moms have the solution for every problem, they know what we want even before we say it, they hear all the crap we talk about all day. No matter, how much we love our best friends, there are things that can only be shared with a mom.The only True Friend we have is her. She never judges us for anything. She knows everything, from how we used to pee during our sleep , how shabbily we dressed at the school farewell, how cranky can we become when hungry and how much we hate a relative who always pokes nose inside family matters. She knows when we are sad, happy, moody, cranky, annoyed and disturbed and the best part is she knows how to deal with all of them.

She never starts her day, she starts Ours. All day she keeps running, keeps working and still manages to smile. She never tells us that she is tired, hurt, angry, sad or depressed. She hides her own emotions.

We are so busy growing up that we don’t realize our mothers are getting old too. Their bodies do not allow them to work 24*7 like they have been doing since past 20 or more years. Share the load. Help them clean the house, wash clothes or dishes.

Appreciate Them. Show them they mean the world to us before it’s too late. There is nothing beneath the sun that You or I could do to repay them.

Nobody loves us like them.We need to understand that whatever we are, we owe it to them. They have not only carried us in wombs for nine months but they carry us in our hearts all their lives.

Take out time for them. Plan a vacation for them. Surprise them with a Spa Treatment. Make their birthdays special. And  please understand things from their point of view. Stop being a Teenager, get inside their shoes and look at things – All you would see is Yourself.

They need to know that you love them, not necessarily on Facebook.

We, only realize our mothers were never wrong when we get married. But no matter how far the daughter is from her parents, at the end of the day, she is first their little daughter, and then a wife and daughter in law. Like they say ‘a daughter is a daughter all her LIFE’.


4 thoughts on “Your Mom needs to hear " I love you "

  1. I disagree for some points.I cant say that my mother was nevr wrong, neither I can say to my daughter that I was always right..I learnt a lot from my daughter too..
    But yes I love my mom and do the best to my capacity..and yes parents should be shown our love before its too late.


  2. Mom's are the best and they deserve all the good and happiness always .. hope we the kids are able to do the same what our mom's have done for us

    Thank you so much for sharing the thoughts …



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