Finding The Right Girl

Hello Beautiful People ,
How are you all doing ? I hope Spring brings colors of joy and happiness in our lives. Lately , I have been restraining sharing personal feelings on my Blog. Everything I write these days has been focussing on Women and Relationships.One of my Friends had requested me to write a Post for Guys.This one is for Abhilash Reddy.
Finding the Right Girl
Yeah , she’s cute , but how does she treat other people ? Do her eyes light up when she sees a baby smile ? Does she stop to help old people cross the street ? Does she tell her mother that she loves you ? What are her favorite shows and why ? What does she truly care about ? Does she believes in a Love that ends a lifetime ? Will she support you in becoming what you were meant to be ?
The Easiest and Safest way to find the Right Girl is by simply becoming the Right Man. If you’re hitting on every second girl that passes by the street and wondering why nobody ever  believes you – Go , punch yourself.
Nothing is more attractive to a Woman than a Man who is not looking for a woman. You do not have to be the most Good Looking Man to win her heart . All you have to do is make her feel like the only woman that you want in your life. Women are intuitive by nature. If you have the slightest thought of cheating on her , she ‘ll know.
If you’re looking at other women or talking about other women when you’re with her , She’ll walk away even if she loves you. A Woman gets territorial about her lover. Ask her about her hobbies , her favorite books , her childhood friends and everything under the moon. If you do not know what makes her smile , what makes her mad and what drives her crazy – she’ll never be yours.
Notice everything about her. Pay heed to what she never talks about or completely ignores. Make her feel at home in your arms. Spend time together doing things of common interests. Never force her into physical intimacy.
 Men don’t understand that when they pick a girl for marriage, they don’t just choose someone they ‘d be dating or having kids with  but someone who would represent them , someone who would be watching them at their worst and best , someone who has the liberty to take decisions for their family , someone who would make their  child her replica.

Men need to understand that a beautiful soul is forever, beautiful face fades with time. Instead of choosing a Life Partner who is soft, easy and sober – Take a Rebellious Woman home. She would Inspire you throughout your life. Instead of  a girl  who says hanji hanji ( yes ) for everything, pick the one who would remind you that a Woman created you. 
If your lover is creating Drama out of nothing , stopping you from doing things that you love to do and widening the gaps between your family and friends , she is not a Keeper. When a Right woman walks into your Life , she’ll nurture and strengthen every corner of your existence. The Power of Feminine will bring Joy into mundane things. You won’t be scared to share your deepest secrets and darkest shades. You’ll never feel lesser of a Man by admitting your mistakes to her.

When you start living together, you influence each other. Couples start thinking alike after a period of time. Your views about things, people and circumstances change.
Like it or not, your partner’s likes and dislikes become yours.If you don’t like the way your Girlfriend looks at things, I warn you – don’t marry her. If she already questions your every decision, stops you from following your dreams or blames you for things that go wrong. You know she is not the one.

It won’t matter after ten years, how much her parents spent at your wedding or how much salary was she drawing when you got hitched. It won’t matter how perfect are her curves and how soft are her curls. What would matter is how she makes you feel about Yourself
In hard times , she will hold you even closer . You’ll always be building each other and not tearing another. You’ll complete each other’s sentences. Words would not be mandatory anymore to understand what the other person is thinking.
If your relationship does not have laughter in it , you have found the wrong woman. She would do a lot of things for you but mostly , you’ll be laughing and creating memories that would be Unique. You’ll find it hard to be at your Dream Places without her. You would not be able to get Drunk without mentioning her name more than once.
And above all , You’ll want her more than anything you have ever wanted before. Her smile , her voice , her slightest touch shall send shivers down your body. You will find the courage to fight with the world for her. You’ll look into her eyes and see your Future.

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8 thoughts on “Finding The Right Girl

  1. Nice post !
    “You'll always be building each other and not tearing another” True that .. and thats what a relation is meant for!
    Can we have a post for girls as well ? 😉 😛


  2. Aren't such kind of people rare to find?
    With 'Finding the Right Girl' comes 'Being the Right guy'. Unless that doesn't fall into place, only compromises would.


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