Things I Want To ATTRACT In My LIFE

It makes me so happy to be here in my Dream World “My Blog” where I can come and rest for a while away from all worries of the world.

1 I want to be surrounded with love, happiness and joy.To feel , touch and smell love wherever I go.To see happy faces around me, To read happy and fun loving blogs.Just happiness that surrounds me.

2.A perfect relationship which people envy and feel jealous off.To be the perfect couple around.To feel the bliss of love and affection through an angel who is the only mine forever.

3. A great job which would give me the good salary, recognition and the kind of work I love to do.Grear colleagues and to do something creative.

4. To make my parents feel proud of me.To make my home heaven.To bring only positivity inside my home.

5. To read some more wonderful books and feel this Universe, the abundance of it.To feel grateful to be a part of this world.To feel good about me.

6. A perfect figure 36-24-36. I want to fit in those beautiful outfits which make me go oooh…laa…laaa…

7. I want to go on trips, long drives, walk in the rain, drive on long roads, feel the beauty of this silent nature.To travel more and more.

8.I want to break all chains and be free like a bird.To soar high in the sky and fly to distant lands.To have nobody to telling me what to do.

9. I want to attract lots of attention in my life.I want to be talked about more and more.I want to be “Enchantress”.To be desired and wanted by every soul.

10. I want to attract lots of love in my life, a child’s smile, simple plays, lots of greenery, lots of peace and contentment.To spread happiness wherever I go.To be able to dissolve all negativity by a single touch.

Get me all of it !!!


14 thoughts on “Things I Want To ATTRACT In My LIFE

  1. Wishes… If I were to go by your post “Smilin' Forever”.. I think you'll achieve all this soon enuff.. Lets see you post a follow up on this post.. ticking off what you achieved!!!!


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