I Never Had An Ordinary Life

I was Never meant for living an Ordinary life.There is something magical and mystical in all our lives but very few can accept it.I did.

It’s like a long ,lonely walk on a road covered with tall , shady trees.I see no creature.I hear no voices.When I want something,I just ask for it and the road gets me all I want.

I am really really happier about my result,I got the first division in my PG.
I had a really bad day too.I fought with dad a lot.I cried ,I wept,I felt all alone.But I knew,I won’t stoop down.what I want,I want at any cost.I am the only one responsible for my life.If I ‘ll choose not happiness for me,I can’t blame someone else for that.

But what I realised is – Home isΒ  a perfect place and family is the group of people , no matter how much you fight,how much you crib,how much u curse,u ‘ll come back.It’s where you don’t need to say you are sorry always,its most of the times unsaid.It’s a place where you would be forgiven for worst of your mistakes.
I love my home.
Someone once told me , ” My blogs are happy blogs,they secretly bring a smile on face “.It’s all I want.My blog is peeping inside my soul .I feel ” A Simple Soul ” was the best suitable name for my blog.What do you say ?


9 thoughts on “I Never Had An Ordinary Life

  1. Exactly, Nikki.
    I agree when u say, it's ur decisions, good or bad that you can own up to. Same I learnt too late. But I have and now, today, I am proud that I am living a life of my own, and acting on my decisions alone. πŸ™‚


  2. True, We are responsible for what we make of this life, and be happy about it. And every body likes to read a happy blog, so be happy and spread smiles. πŸ™‚
    And congratulations for the first division.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


  3. Very Lovely Image…

    Family is very imp., they don't need to say that they care or they r with us…… but they r always

    Also, ur blog is looking more beautiful…i think u have changed the background πŸ™‚


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