I Never Had An Ordinary Life

I was Never meant for living an Ordinary life.There is something magical and mystical in all our lives but very few can accept it.I did.

It’s like a long ,lonely walk on a road covered with tall , shady trees.I see no creature.I hear no voices.When I want something,I just ask for it and the road gets me all I want.

I am really really happier about my result,I got the first division in my PG.
I had a really bad day too.I fought with dad a lot.I cried ,I wept,I felt all alone.But I knew,I won’t stoop down.what I want,I want at any cost.I am the only one responsible for my life.If I ‘ll choose not happiness for me,I can’t blame someone else for that.

But what I realised is – Home is  a perfect place and family is the group of people , no matter how much you fight,how much you crib,how much u curse,u ‘ll come back.It’s where you don’t need to say you are sorry always,its most of the times unsaid.It’s a place where you would be forgiven for worst of your mistakes.
I love my home.
Someone once told me , ” My blogs are happy blogs,they secretly bring a smile on face “.It’s all I want.My blog is peeping inside my soul .I feel ” A Simple Soul ” was the best suitable name for my blog.What do you say ?


9 thoughts on “I Never Had An Ordinary Life

  1. Its a very sweet post, congratulations on your score. As long as you're determined, nobody in the world could stop you. family will always stick around, so will your angel.


  2. Exactly, Nikki.
    I agree when u say, it's ur decisions, good or bad that you can own up to. Same I learnt too late. But I have and now, today, I am proud that I am living a life of my own, and acting on my decisions alone. 🙂


  3. True, We are responsible for what we make of this life, and be happy about it. And every body likes to read a happy blog, so be happy and spread smiles. 🙂
    And congratulations for the first division.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


  4. Very Lovely Image…

    Family is very imp., they don't need to say that they care or they r with us…… but they r always

    Also, ur blog is looking more beautiful…i think u have changed the background 🙂


  5. congratulations nikki and may the blessings continue…
    and yes…it is great to see “happy blogs” n lovely families even in present times…may the trend continue:-)


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