Deep Deep Gratitude for Everything

In order to experience more and more happiness in your life, We need to feel grateful towards all that we desired and we got in our lives.

Rather than complaining about what you do not have, Feel thankful for all what you have in your life.

Life is too small to fret and complain !!!

I thank God for all the happy moments, happy people and happy circumstances in my life.

I have the best of friends in my life who are there for me always.I have loving and caring parents who want to see me smiling always.I have someone whom I can rely upon and be always sure of the love and affection to be returned.

My life is wonderful as I have started imagining it to be marvellous.

I change my thoughts when they start drifting towards negativity.I have realised Love is the greatest of all powers.

There definitely are things that still bother me – Career, Future and Marriage.But I have decided to think about what I want and not what I do not want.

Spread love and get back love…


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