When People ask me , " How can you always stay Positive "

People ask me How can I be so Positive about Life
 I tell them – My Blood Group is AB+ which is more like – Aee Sun  , Be Positive :p

It’s a Choice you make Everyday. Happiness is a choice. We don’t get good or bad days , we make them , we chose them , we opt for them.

Foremost , You must have faith that there is a super power that guides you , helps you and motivates you and all the Universe. Undying Faith in God not necessarily when thing are going good but when they turn out worst too. When you have faith in him , no hurdle can be big. You have the Creator of the Universe by your side , what on Earth can cause you harm ? Knowing that everything happens for a purpose. Everything leads towards my happiness is the key to Happy Living.

Secondly , Get rid of emotions that hold you back – Hatred , Jealousy , Revenge , Ill will , Regrets , Worries etc etc etc. ” It’s not your job to Worry , It’ s mine ” says God. Whatever happened , happened for a Reason.You learned your Lessons. We never lose in Life , we only learn. Life gives everyone their own share of limes , we chose to re arrange limes as smiles.

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone Else’s , we’d grab our back.

The grass is greener on the other  side and dung does not stinks when it’s far from you.

Thirdly , You should be your own Priority. Don’t wait for someone else to come and make you happy. It’ s not their Job . It’s Yours. Do not depend upon others approval to accept and value yourself. Don’t wait for anyone Else’s permission to make yourself Happier.Believe in Yourself in the power you have to control your life and your own piece of Universe. When nobody else celebrates you , celebrate yourself.

If you don’t love yourself , the world won’t love you either. Life happens to lovers , dreamers and believers.

Fourthly , Forgive and Forget.

The Miracle Mantra . You can’t carry the heavy weight of rotten apples all your life because you want to give them back to people who sold you the crap. You might never find them again. You might end up wasting your Life upon taking Revenges. Forgive people instantly , like a 2 minute Maggi.

Mug Up – What people say about you has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them

What people say about you reflects who they are , not you , never You.

Don’t keep talking about what went wrong with you to everyone you meet. Find out solutions. Stop being a a Cry Baby. You don’t need Mercy – You are a Lion.  You hold the pen for your Destiny , don’t make others write for you. Hold the Eraser and keep washing off people who bring you no good , who take away more than they give , who toxify you . Erase memories that bring you pain. Erase people who bring you harm.

Fifthly , Follow your Gut

Listen to your heart. It will take you to places you see in your dreams. Always listen to what your Intuition has to say. Do what you want to do – RIGHT NOW. Time would just never be right to do things. You would Die one day with bag full of unfulfilled wishes and God might not give you another Life to re live your Dreams. Do that Now.

And Frankly speaking , I am not Positive always. I am Insecure , I fear losing people , I cry alone , I get hurt easily , I am full of flaws but the difference is I love myself with all my flaws. I have learned to love my flaws and accept my mistakes. I forgive people like 2 minute maggi and erase memories that bring me in pain. I cut off people who show me Negativity. I am completely at ease in my skin and with things that I do. I stay away from Mess and Express Gratitude in all things. I bless my haters. I myself open doors for people who want to walk out of my Life.

It took me twenty something years to learn to love myself and Trust me , I don’t have that kind of time for anyone else.




16 thoughts on “When People ask me , " How can you always stay Positive "

  1. Kudos to You for bringing smiles to many people out there… This is a Social Service you do by writing . Love ❤


  2. Hey Enchantress

    This one helped me a lot but isn't it difficult to forgive the ones who do wrong to you intentionally

    How can we simply ignore the hurt and pain and misery


  3. The Miracle Mantra . You can't carry the heavy weight of rotten apples all your life because you want to give them back to people who sold you the crap. You might never find them again

    Your Miracle Mantra is up at my workplace.. You are a gem of a person.. Love reading you always..


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