Review for Purple Hues – An International Anthology of Love Poems – Part 1

Purple Hues is an International Anthology featuring soul piercing work from Poets around the World. It talks about Love that is Selfless, Pure, and Noble. It makes you travel the ups and lows of Love. It leaves you spellbound and intoxicated. Love which is Inexpressible.

I have been honored to work as a Managing Editor for the Book – Purple Hues. Pawan Jain Sir has been the Founder, Publisher, and Owner of this beautiful endeavor.Rajesh Joshi Mam has been the Editor.My Poems have also been featured but disappointingly , I can’t review my own work or I would have screamed I am the Best. Jokes Apart.

It took me almost a month to go through Poems of 45 Poets complied in one single book.

1- Abhijit Narayan
A dear friend and a wonderful Writer. His Poems have the yearning of a lover who calls back her lady love and promises to make things right this time. One of my favorite lines from his poem – Come Back Please are …. ” Your dark long wavy hairs, the glint in your eyes were reasons for me to have a thousand dreams “

2- Abhishek Thakkar
 A Wordsworth in making. Tremendously talented and a real sweetheart is terrific with words. Few words from his Poem – A Painful Awakening ….. ” I am chained to a decent memory”

3- Amarjit Kaunke
In his body, he might have turned 50 years old but when you read him, You know he is a teenager at heart. Writers never grow old. His poetry will transport you to another world. Such a Delight was reading him. Few lines by him –

” She touched my forehead
all my sadness
melted away”

” I was a lifeless soil
by her touch
Life throbbed in me “

4-  Amna Shamim

A True Child of God. Her poems reflect her deep faith in God and laws of Nature. There lies depth in each word.

” If I was a grave
I would have been in trouble
For now I have to worry about myself
Than the self had been multiple “

5- Lt. Col. Ankita Srivastava

A Delight for every woman in love – is to read her. Breath taking Poetry.

” When   a Man falls in love,
It’s not the same as woman in love
The Man tends to be stronger
hard on grounds
The woman becomes weaker
flying in the air
swirling around “

Other favorite lines of me were –

” She is there to listen to herself
He needs no talking to himself “

6- Akash Sagar

Image Poetry. You start making images in your mind, when you read him. Such strong impact of words on minds. Indeed, he loved a woman who was much of a Hurricane in herself.

” Hey Girl, I know that
You want me to,
scratch and steal the talcum
from my seas and seventy-seven moons “

7- Barkha Parikh

Simple yet Powerful Poetry.

” Your sparkling eyes pave the way to your soul
getting lost in it, which I have no control “

8- Bhaskaranand Jha

” With all her love’s affinity
mixed well
with that of mine
she keeps burning
lurid desires “

Strong, Sensual and Heavenly touch of Love.

9- Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

” Hands, thoughts and body baked in the fire alike
determined to live with their souls still unsold “

Heavenly Touch, Strong Faith in Godliness and Spirituality peeks through his words.

10- Dr. Chhavi Nigam

 ” And that Virginity is her only and biggest asset
that day she realized, she’s reached puberty “

” Windows locked her
mirrors started criticizing “

My personal favorite Poet.


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