How I Got My Name Listed In Top 15 Bloggers From India

Many People think that the hardest part of becoming a Blogger is getting it started,but that part is easy. What is difficult is keeping that Blog updated and your readers interested.

I started my Blog in 2009. I initially hosted it on Blogger. My intention to start the Blog was never to make money or generate an audience. It was a way to retrospect what’s going on in my life and share my story with strangers. I remember, religiously penning down my thoughts every day for months without a single follower. Today, I am listed in India’s Top 15 Relationship Bloggers as per a survey conducted by Baggout –Top 15 Love and Relationship Blogs In India

It is estimated that a large number of bloggers fail within the first year of starting their Blogs and it takes more than a year to build a blog that can generate traffic on its own.

First of all, My blog isn’t the most successful blog online. It is neither generating a large number of audiences on daily basis. My Visitors vary from 100-1000 per day. The money I make from my Blog every month isn’t consistent either. What I am trying to say is that you can have a successful blog without ever getting viral, without earning thousands of dollars every week and without having 100,000 mail subscribers.

My Blog has a readership in more than 30 countries including USA,Russia,UK,Philipines,Australia,Germany, South Korea, Canada, and India. I have landed on many job offers and freelance writing through my Blog. My Writing Career has been rising ever since I started my own Blog. My writings have been published in 12 Anthologies and 5 Magazines of repute . I have been offered the position of a Weekly Columnist at India’s largest growing web portal, Different Truths. I am working with one of India’s Best Publishing Houses, Aagaman Literary and Cultural Society as a Deputy Editor.

I am sharing with you how my Blog helped me become aΒ  Published Writer.

1- A Theme

Deciding on a Theme that your Blog will revolve around is the most important thing to start with. If you’re planning to become a successful blogger by sharing your experiences with others, strategically design what is there for readers in it. How can a Reader benefit from reading your blog? Many people have personal blogs where they discuss what they are doing, what they are interested in and their life in general. This too has a personality to it.

If you can make readers fall in love with you, go ahead. Whatever you have to say should be of some worth. Speak from your heart and people would be able to relate to what you write.

2- Hosting Website

There are many ways you can bring forward your opinions out to the public using social media. To create a successful blog, You can opt from ;

a) Blogger

b) WordPress

c) Tumbler


3- Write

Do not expect a masterpiece from yourself . Just be as simple and straightforward as you can. Introduce yourself without using heavy , flowery words. When we try so hard to make an impression , we often end up annoying people.

Write regularly. Do not expect a loyal readership within few months of starting your blog. Celebrate your little victories of being able to write every day.


4- Keep Writing

Somedays, you’ll find inspiration to write and other days you’ll have to create it.Β  Having the persistence to keep writing is a blessing for a blogger. If you do not feel like writing on some days, share something that you read and liked.


5- Follow other Bloggers

There’s a chance that you are writing really great stuff but is never reaching the right audience. Follow Bloggers that have same interests as you. The more people you know, the more you’ll learn about blogging.


6- Social Media

Once your blog is live, share it with your friends. To begin with, your friends are most likely going to be your only readersβ€”a fact that will make you sad for a while but this is always how it is. If your content is good, you’ll attract a lot of potential readers. The first thing to do is put your work out at as many places as you can for people to read.

7- Blogger Networking

You’ll need to find bloggers with same goals. There are a lot of web portals that encourage bloggers to write. Participate in Contests and increase your audience. I used to participate in almost every blogging contest that was hosted at Indiblogger and Blogadda. I have won more than 25 of them and earned a lot of money from writing sponsored posts.

8- Engage with your Readers

Social Media gives us ample opportunities to get to know about our readers.Look for other bloggers who talk about similar stuff , comment and share other people’s blog, give your ideas and opinions freely and eventually people will return the favor by engaging with your blog.

9- Focus on Good Content

A little research before writing an article never hurts. Read as much as possible about the topics that interest you.Pick quotes and statements that can be used in your article to make it more informative and appealing. You can work as hard as you want in promoting and engaging your readers but if you are not writing anything worth reading, nothing can work.

10- People Pleasing is not for Writers

A lot of Bloggers I know spend so much time and energy in saying things that perfectly fit in societal parameters. If you’re trying not to hurt anyone by your opinions, you’ve already failed as a writer. When you try to please everyone, you lose your unique voice and that is exactly what a million of readers are looking for – your individuality.




14 thoughts on “How I Got My Name Listed In Top 15 Bloggers From India

  1. Young bloggers like myself need such constant reminders.
    I hope to reach that level of success from my blog as well, and it’s hard not to expect too much from yourself..


  2. This was really inspirational! I started my blog last week and am hoping to grow it some day, and this really motivated me, so thank you! Have now given you a follow and can’t wait to read your other stuff! (feel free to check out my blog too)
    Jas xx


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