Let us just stop putting People in Boxes!

 ” There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. They aren’t just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it’s impossible to fix them”


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If I Had A Chance To Speak To Pratyusha Banerjee

If I had a chance to speak to Her ,
I would have told her
Nothing , nothing at all
is worth destroying Yourself.
Heart Aches
Losing a Job
Having to Break Up
Broken Dreams
Being Broke
Being Rejected
Being Unhappy
Everything can be Fixed
But not your
Heart Beats
Broken Soul
You are Wrong
Do Anything
Let Pain leave You
Let Go
Not Good
For You
But Live
Death would Hurt
more than
This Life
Do Not Leave
You Matter
India has been listed as World’s Most Depressed Country. This should have never happened to a Nation that is often referred as ” The Enlightened One “
What Went Wrong with Us .
What Happened to Us.
Have We Completed Cut ourselves Off from our Roots ? A Tree dies without it’s Roots.
Values are Extinct. Honesty and Loyalty are a passe.
Goodness is Mocked.
We have to talk about Depression. It is very much present in our Country. We have to learn to Express our Fears and Accept our Flaws.
Nobody is Perfect. Nobody has all the Pieces together. What we see is not always the Truth.
Life is Difficult for all of us , but We are not allowed to Give Up.
The Only One Thing that we have is Ourselves. We do not have the right to Destroy something that we are unable to Create.
Peace be bestowed upon my People.
Listen when People say they have suicidal thoughts. Be there for Each Other. Help and Build each other up.
Do whatever you can do to save a Life from Depression.
Bring Back Yoga and Meditation to your Homes.
Talk to your Loves Ones.
Make Sure they Have You in times of Distress.
Be Human for God Sake.

The World is already on War


The World will not know Peace until the War makes Money.

 I don’t know If anyone else too feels like that, but the World is already on War.And it scares me, scares the hell out of me.
I don’t want to Die in a bomb blast or be shot by a gun. I want Death to be as peaceful as dawn.
What we see in Newspapers, Media and Facebook Feeds might be the things that are purposely exposed to us. The Truth has been manipulated and disguised as a Lie.
When did ” Killing Innocent People ” became a way of preaching God?
And how is killing millions of people, just because they practise a certain way of worship justified as a way of saving Humanity
Humanity is Dead. If there’s one thing that has zero worth, it’s a human life.
And is Religion the right answer for ” What is causing War “
That one thing which was made by our Ancestors to maintain peace and harmony in the World has become the very same thing that is spreading Hatred and violence?
Why have we started blindly accepting the things that go VIRAL and not get the roots?
India, a place where all religions have lived peacefully for centuries is getting intolerant for petty issues like Beef. Why ?
How are certain things JUSTIFIED for a set of people and illegal for Others?
Why do we stand here DIVIDED by a very few people who are dictating our future like Demi Gods?
Why did everyone change their DPs to support Paris but nobody heard about the riots elsewhere in the world at the same time?
Why are all Muslims seen as a threat today?

I speak as a Human Being, not as an Indian or a Hindu or a resident of United States of America that all I need is Peace. I am already standing against War. And by War, I don’t only mean massive deaths and world divided into segments but hatred in hearts of people towards people who are living on the other side of Globe.

We are one. Earth is our only Home.


I am celebrating my Madness tonight. Are You ?


Tell me that 1 thing which makes you stand apart from the madding crowd.

What makes you a little more insane than others.

Whatever is your breed of madness, it’s the day to celebrate the CRAZY in You.
I am celebrating my Madness tonight. Are You ?


That Year , I turned 7 years old. An old Man who lived near my home in New Delhi , India often teased me by saying these words ,

” tera byah kara du “
( Should I get you married to someone )
I used to come back home and cry. As a kid , I thought he could do that if he says so. This scared me and I wished he was Dead. What you say to a child remains and become their inner conscience. All my Life , I have been scared of ” Getting Married “
There’s another weird thing I do when I am mad with anger – I clean things around me. I do laundry , wash dishes , organize closets and decorate centre table.
It’s Insane way of my personalized Catharsis . I believe these physical activities have a purpose. It’s my way of telling Self that Anger needs to be cleansed. It’s making my home ( soul ) dirty.
I insanely miss my Parents during Festivals. My First Diwali after marriage was a Disaster. I was smiling for the world but inside I was screaming in pain. For the first time in 25 years , I opened my eyes after saying prayer on Laxmi Puja and my parents were not sitting next to me.
I can not go back to ” Normal ” after discussing about issues related to Humanity. I avoid these conversations because they lead to sleepless nights.
I get more Emotional when people tell me , ” I respect you ” than ” I love you “.
I can talk to a child for hours without getting bored , irritated or depressed. Infact , they make more sense to me than most of the Adults I know.
Someone once told me  , ” You live in your own  Dream World “
 Nobody  never heard from him again.
I sleep for 8 hours and read for 8 hours .Rest of the day is just a waste of time.
P.S – Nothing….