There should always be something bigger than your fears: Bernard D’sa

Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Bernard D’sa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Raindrops Inc. (the parent company of Raindrops Publishers). He is deeply passionate about poetry, which reflects, in his work. He studied English literature along with philosophy and spirituality. He started as a writer and observed that it is very difficult to be published at Indian publishing scenario.Raindrops Inc. (Raindrops Company) came into being in 2012 and has been growing ever since. Continue reading


One Man Started a Forest and Another Moved The Mountains: Real Life Superheroes

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Jadav Payeng and Dashrath Manjhi. Jadav is an  environmental activist and forest worker from Jorhat, India.  He is the man who single-handedly planted a 1,360-acre forest. He transformed a barren land into a lush new forest. Who says, a man alone can do nothing.

Jadav Payeng is the man who single-handedly started a forest.Watch the documentary here


Dashrath Manjhi is the man who carved a mountain using hammer and chisel over a period of 22 years. Watch him here


Here are two brave souls who devoted their entire lives for mother nature. One was determined to start a forest and another wanted to break a mountain and carve a path for his villagers.




He single-handedly created 1,360 acres of the jungle when he was just a teenager worried about his homeland. “The snakes died in the heat, without any tree cover. I sat down and wept over their lifeless forms. It was carnage. I alerted the forest department and asked them if they could grow trees there. They said nothing would grow there. Instead, they asked me to try growing bamboo. It was painful, but I did it. There was nobody to help me. Nobody was interested,” says Payeng. He even transplanted ants to his burgeoning ecosystem to bolster its natural harmony.


Dashrath, on the other hand, was ridiculed for having an ambition of moving the mountains. He tirelessly worked for 22 years and carved the mountain. His inspiration was the death of his beloved due to lack of medical attention. The villagers had to travel 70 kilometers to see a doctor, the distance was reduced to one kilometer after efforts of Dashrath. He was denied help or assistance from the Indian government.He was called the poor man’s Shah Jahan by filmmaker Ketan Mehta who has also made a documentary on his life.


Corporate life was giving me decent money but not inner peace : Satwik Mishra



“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Satwik Mishra, an Engineer by education, an Entrepreneur by experience, an Author by passion and a Development Professional by choice. He is the youngest CEO I know and one of the most amazing human beings too. He resigned from a lucrative job two years ago and started working for a rural school in Odisha to find his “Joie de vivre.” Currently, he works as an advisor to Member of Parliament in Bihar (India), fueling up the development engine of society. Continue reading

I am just trying to be the better version of myself: Ruchika Batra

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Ruchika Batra, a Mass Media professional, certified yoga enthusiast, personal development junkie and a fitness lover. She is a reservoir of Positive Lifestyle Inspiration. I discovered her through blog browsing and instantly fell in love with her blog – Namaste Happiness.

1- You have this obsession with happiness, wellness, and fitness, which is contagious for people around you. Are you happy to spread the virus everywhere you go?


This is the only virus that could save your life!! I believe I am just a messenger of my story like everyone else. I share what I learn, what helps me evolve and be a better version of myself because that’s what I am striving for each and every single day! I love good healthy food, a nice happy place, an inspiring book, and I love to share all of that through my words or videos. But am glad to know that it’s contagious!

2- How did “Namaste Happiness” happen? Share with us the lows and highs of making it a Brand.

I always wanted to create a platform that could help people choose a happy and healthy lifestyle because I come from a place where I have dealt with self-hate, low self-esteem, and approval addiction. Namaste Happiness happened back when I was discovering various fields in the healing, personal development, and wellness space. And I wanted to create a blog where people could come and take whatever works for them.


Hence, you will find all sorts of Health, Fitness, Personal Development, Lifestyle related posts and Videos to make conscious choices! This was always my passion and it turned into a brand and there are always going to be ups and downs but my passion has never faded. The only low phase that I had to go through was my attempt at making a mobile app which couldn’t be materialized properly because of some technical glitches but that didn’t stop me. Maybe in future, I can make that happen again!

The highs of running Namaste Happiness have been many – I had a full page feature on being a wellness blogger from India in the Smart Life Edition of The Week Magazine. I was awarded the second prize as a Video Blogger at Orange Flower Awards. I have had a chance to meet amazing people, interview and share their stories through my blog, I have worked with top notch brands. And I also started my Youtube Channel which was a dream come true!But the best part of running Namaste Happiness is the smile and appreciation that I get from my readers and viewers whenever they share their thoughts and whenever I go through those loved emails and comments. Those are my best moments and the ones I treasure dearly!


  1. Your Posts are confessional, awe-inspiring and filled with contentment. You seem to be at a happy place all the time, which is commendable in our times. You have been through a lot but all we see is a bright and smiling face. Share with us something that you have never shared before on any social platform.

Well, to be honest, I am not happy all the time. I am always in the pursuit of that feeling. I am still a big mess but I have a toolkit that helps me bounce back. I always try to change my story but sometimes I fail, I cry, I cringe, I whine, I feel like giving up and I have my share of bad days too. So, it’s not rosy all the time and not many people know this! We must give ourselves that space to be vulnerable, to feel demotivated but to only get back with a bang!

4- What is the story behind this woman who is confident, driven, ambitious, and extremely compassionate?

My story is that I am just trying to be the better version of myself!

5- Do you believe that the Universe listens to us?


The universe is always listening. I have grown up writing letters to G-O-D, I have studied in a school where spirituality was a subject, and my mother used to take me to Satsangs (spiritual discourses) with her. So, from a very early age only I have believed in this power greater than us. And I know for a fact that whenever you pray from that authentic self, whenever you surrender; universe always listens. And like most of us, it listens but responds

I love unraveling the person through the words: Saumya Kulshreshtha

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is the Founder of Poet’s Collective and Maha Varta, Saumya Kulshreshtha. She is full of love, happiness, and warmth for everyone around. She fights hatred with love and darkness with light.


  • I met you first time during my Book Launch and you were the most wonderful person in the whole room. You are the perfect epitome of Poetry. What does poetry mean to you?

    Interestingly, poetry has meant different things to me at different points of time. As of today, it means two things – stories and solace. Stories because I personally find resonance in the kind of poems I get to hear from people who attend my gatherings. What drips through their carefully polished words are their innate sentiments and stories, and I love unraveling the person through his words. Solace because I write when it becomes impossible to contain. When nothing seems to offer any kind of comfort, your own words become powerful and meaningful. Poetry, personally, means allowing the self to become a beacon of hope and meaning.

  • You have conducted hundreds of creative writing workshops on Poetry and Indian Mythology. You also serve as the Advisory Board of “Youth for Heritage Foundation.”How was your experience conducting workshops?

Indescribably gratifying! To conduct a workshop or even to do a talk is an act of tremendous responsibility. Add to it dollops of thrill, and there I am, standing in front of a crowd of eager listeners, telling them all I have learned, for that is the only way to make knowledge grow.

I have been fortunate to have been placed in front of crowds who have known me a little, and hence are welcoming and warm. They possess an eagerness to learn, and I possess an eagerness to teach, as well as learn more than them in the process. I am hungry to learn. An audience that doesn’t challenge me beyond what I know does not inspire me. For instance, my most difficult, and yet most fond workshop was in Saharanpur with school children, where I was at odds to comprehend the language (as well as the idiom) to converse with them on. But, since we all possessed a clean slate, we created some great poems collaboratively, with expressions so unique that a faint proud smile automatically appears on my face the moment I think of it.


I conduct workshops/lectures on mythology, poetry appreciation, and poetry writing, creative writing, effective communication, visualizing ideas, literature (particularly Indian writing in English) and anything else allied to these fields which present an opportunity to learn. The great thing is, these random workshops have led to a full-blown course which I conduct in IIIT Delhi, teaching mythology and poetry in alternate semesters, in addition to teaching communications in Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, and Noida.

  • Do you believe that Artists have a responsibility towards society?

Always. It is a firm belief. First, artists have a responsibility towards themselves, because the nascent expressionist within them needs to be identified, needs to be tested, needs to be given flight. However, once artists enter the public domain, where they are aware that they have influence, and they are potential catalysts to bring about positive or negative changes, they cannot eschew their larger responsibility. Art is capable of inspiring and provoking the masses into thought and action. The past is a testimony to how movements have been inspired and encouraged through songs, theater, speeches, performances, and today is no different in that regard. In fact, with the advent and spread of social media, socially responsible art is more a reality today than ever before.


  • How do you manage a full-time job with social activities?


Passion and prioritization. When you are really passionate about doing something, you always find the time. On instances, even I am baffled by a number of tasks I am simultaneously involved in, but I have learned to set my priorities right. Efficiency while completing tasks helps. Admittedly, I am not the best manager of time – that is one virtue which I consistently fail at getting right, but people don’t get to know of it because my efficiency goes up as deadlines loom near. I work really well with deadlines and have devised a personal reward system for myself.

I think what really helps my work is also the fact that I give a lot of time to myself. ‘Me-time’ is necessary for creative pursuits, and I have been blessed with friends and colleagues who understand this.

  • You are someone who truly believes in kindness and love despite all the hatred in the world. What is your message for your followers?


Don’t give into violence. Don’t give into hate. Don’t give into anyone who convinces you that our world is a bad place to live in.

Agreed, that the world is difficult, disappointing and devastating at times, even violent, but, my dear, we all belong here together. Strive to create islands of love and peace around you and hope fervently that your island keeps growing, that the peace and love of your heart spread out like an infection. Now, more than ever, it is important that kindness and goodness speak up to quell at least some shades of violence which are increasingly being normalized in our world.

And lastly, learn. Learn as much as you can, in as many ways as you can. Read, watch videos, talk to people, travel, and don’t give up this pursuit till you are convinced that never in life can a single narrative exist. That only perspective is real, rest is illusory.

To know more about her, log on to her Blog

How I fought with Depression – Apurvaa

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our  Sixth Warrior of Change is the Owner/ Founder of Fitness GrooveApurvaa. India’s Best Fitness and Wellness Experts have trained her. She represented a Yoga event on 21 June, International Day of Yoga in New Delhi. She was a professional Jazz dancer, Reiki Grand Master, a young Entrepreneur and now a Yoga Guru.

Here is an inspiring story of a True Hero in her own words;



This is Apurva Saxena from Delhi. I read about “Warrior of Change” Interview Series shared on social media and thought to share my life’s story about how I fought with depression and came back to life. And it wasn’t an easy way choosing my profession as a yoga teacher!
It was that time when my results of the final year of college ( Bachelors in History .)  in June 2008 were out and I was hit by some chemical reactions in my brains. Some doctors even refused to write the diagnosis on the paper. I was not in my normal consciousness for 4 weeks. I was getting hallucinations and I went into my own imaginary world. By the time I got back to my normal self, my family told me that I was unwell for quite a long time. My treatment had started and I was told that I was affected by some type of serious depression. It took me around a year and a half to get back to my normal life again and meanwhile I had gained 25 kgs as a result of the side effects of the medicines. I had stopped seeing myself in the mirror as I refused to accept the person I had become.
For me, my life had come to an end and I saw no ray of hope. What saddened me the most was that some of my school friends spread rumors that I had become mad or faced some mental craziness. They not just made fun of me but made fun of my illness.
I was trying really hard to come out of that safe shell I had created for myself where I avoided talking to people, going out of my home and was hell scared of driving.
A person who had been a topper in her academics in college, won competitions in dance or music performances, a professional Jazz dancer, her life had come to a Halt.
But I didn’t give up on life and I fought back!
I started practicing Positive affirmations for my health, I resumed back to my yoga practice after taking permission from my doctor. Yoga helped me in the reduction of my medicine dosage and gradually it pulled me out of depression!
I was gaining my confidence back and I enrolled myself in PG Diploma in tourism and aviation from Kuoni Academy. I slowly gained my confidence back and had lost 15 kgs in a year as well with the help of yoga and positive affirmations.
I cleared my PGDM and even got selected in an MNC after completion of my course as a travel executive. But that job wasn’t giving me enough happiness as compared to my one hour of Yoga class!
I realized I’m born to practice and teach yoga as it gave me Immense happiness and contentment!  My family has always been very supportive and they encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. But again the society! People looked down upon me and started questioning my profession and looked at me with real pity! It was that time in 2010 when people didn’t consider unconventional professions any good or worthy to do! But my family stood by my side like a wall! I got my professional training from a reputed yoga school in Noida and then I didn’t look back, I did many professional courses in fitness from Reebok and  Master level courses from Yoga Alliance International.
Also got training and practice in  Ashtanga Yoga from India Yoga, Mysore recently. After teaching yoga as a freelancer for three years, I opened up my yoga studio in 2013 with the name of Fitness Groovee,  I also worked for Reebok in 2014 for their Raahgiri program as their ambassador for yoga and took yoga sessions for almost a year at Connaught Place, New Delhi. Got affiliated under Yoga Alliance International in 2015 trained almost a 100 students independently in 2 years and today I run an affiliated branch of one of the most esteemed Yoga schools – Mokshaytan Yoga Sansthan and conduct their professional courses.
Now I not just run yoga classes but also take yoga sessions at some of the best corporates of the country!
Life taught me a lesson and made me a warrior and brought the best out of me when I saw the worst state of health and suffered from depression! I never lost hope and kept going on!
I am attaching my web page and link of my Facebook page.  I just want to motivate many women out there who are fighting with depression, I want to tell them that just hang on there and fight back. Never give up!

We are Proud of you, Apurvaa

Much Love,


You can read all the other Interviews HERE

I do fear the Almighty – Sabi Shaikh

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our fifth Warrior of Change is a dear friend and Best Selling Author of two books, Sabi Shaikh who fearlessly exposes fraudulent publishing companies and fake Artists. He is bold and brave and I am honoured to feature him as a Warrior of Change.


  • Your first book, Via Delhi was about inter-religion marriages and won hearts of thousands of people. What was the inspiration behind picking a subject, which is much debatable in our Indian society?

The biggest problem in India is “Char Log kya kahenge” and those “Char Log” inspired me to pen down Via Delhi.

We are living in the year 2017 and this stupidity of “What will the Society think” must stop.

  • You have always raised the horn against Fake Publishers and Artist Cons. Does it ever bother you that you could get in real trouble some day?

Do I look like the guy who’d be bothered about this? Just Bring it on!!!

I have always stood up against what is wrong and I will continue doing so. The troubling part bothers me none.


3- ” Fearless” is one word that is apt for your personality. Is there anything that you fear at all?

Yes, I do fear the Almighty.

4- ” Knocked Out,” your second novel is already getting a great response within a few months of its release. What is the strongest belief or ideology behind your second novel?


My second book is about the “Never Say Die” attitude. If have a dream and if you chase that dream with full passion and dedication, then no one can stop you from conquering your Dream. Be true to what you really want in life and even the universe will start finding out ways to give it to you.

5- What is your message for the Youth of India who desperately wants a change in society but is willing to very little to bring that change/ become that change?

Be the change cause trust me no one is going to change anything for you. If you want to change the system, then you must change yourself first. Being in your comfort zone is not going to help you in bringing about a change. Be Fearless and start taking up a stand for what is right.


Love at the end is more powerful than all rebelled forces combined – Priyank Aryan

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our first Warrior of Change is one of the India’s most influential and powerful Filmmakers – Sanjay Tiwari who has carved a niche for himself in his early 20’s and is truly unstoppable. His movies are a mirror to harsh realities of our society – Be it a hunger stricken village “Bundelkhand” or indifference towards left-handed people “Ulte Hath”. To read the complete interview, click here

Our second Warrior of Change is a One-Man Army – Ashish Sharma who has started a revolution all by himself to make Delhi, begging free by 14 June 2017 and send those 3.68 lakhs kids to schools anyhow under his ambitious project – OneGoOneImpact

Our third Warrior of Change is India’s Best Selling Author, Priyank Aryan who raises voices on communalism, inter-community love & marriages, the association of religion with terrorism, child molestation, marital sex versus rape, building passion into profession & presents the real face of Indian society through his books.


  • Your debut novel, “I am dead, but my heart beats” was a best seller. It touched hearts of thousands of youngsters and inspired a positive outlook towards Inter-cultural marriages. What was the inspiration behind picking a theme, which could have created a rebellion from the society?

Inspiration came from my girlfriend Payal’s unfulfilled desire of seeing a book, which should address the issues faced by youngsters in love, just because they belong to different communities. Initially, I did not take it seriously but after her sudden demise, to overcome that shock, I realised that by completing her wish I can give a strong, positive, happy ending to my story. That is how I began with my first book.

See, every fictional work involves an inspiration from real life scenarios and so, sensitive issues of castes or religion were bound to appear in my book. However, those who believe in rebellion are the ones who strictly adhere to religious or spiritual writings, so to make such people understand I used logical verses from our religious books like Bhagwad Gita, Bible, and Quran etc, which mentions about love or marriages being free of any boundaries. I used those deductions and inserted comments of priests in my story where the religious gurus themselves confirm of love outside community not being a sin. I did some research and carried out few religious surveys and then connected love with caste/religion in my story. Henceforth, as of now, nobody has been violent and hopefully, my book will not face any violence ever. Love at the end is more powerful than all rebelled forces combined.


  • It would have been very challenging to use the backdrop of riots in Muzaffarnagar, understanding how Indian audiences often outburst on open display of such sentiments. How did the whole experience change you as a person?

As a person, I had that courage to answer questions if raised. Firstly, I presented the Muzaffarnagar incident with an altogether different look. During the actual riot, nobody from both the communities tried to save lives, but in my story, it happened. I used the backdrop of a riot to show how strongly being together can help us save lives. So, the message was to spread the idea that leaves aside the cause of riot, if every single person helps one person of the opposite community, if love, friendship and relationships exist between families of opposite communities, then whatever the situation may be, all of them connected by some common thread will always try to save lives of their known ones. This thought in my mind changed my overall personality too, I lost all the hesitation of facing an outburst because I knew am giving the solution to problems, and that is never going to hurt anyone’s faith or sentiments. I was simply following the religion of humanity, which is greater than everything else is, so I got more mature and brave as an individual while handling this topic of social impact.


  • You have raised voice against Terrorism crowned on a specific community and country, which is brave and fearless on your part. Share your views on the same issue.

There is a one-line view when we talk about terrorism, any specific community dragged with terrorism or a country defamed in the name of terrorism. In addition, the view or thought process says ‘No religion, community, or country teaches terrorism. There are some groups of people who are involved in wrong and sinful practices that defame a particular religion, community and henceforth the country. So, let’s eradicate such sinners who spoil the name of a community and country. It is wrong to call everyone bad because of a small section. We should feel bad for ourselves that we are not able to remove those bad groups, so, we can’t defame any community, religion or nation to hide our failure in removing anti-global elements’.


  • Your latest novel is named, ‘God & His Girlfriend’ which again is about breaking the stereotypes of religion. Tell us more about the book and its theme.

‘God & His Girlfriend’ highlights the important issue of why Islam is dragged with every terrorist attack. It projects the wrong notions spread by some bad people or groups in the name of global development for their community and we tend to believe their words and start saying bad for a religion. Therefore, the basic objective of the story is to portray the false ideologies being spread in the name of religion to defame it.


The book also talks about following our passion and how to make it really big, it discusses child molestation cases which are curbed down by families, the book also highlights issues like forceful sex post marriage not being tagged as a rape or an illegal act. In addition, the best part is that a beautiful love story is spreading all these messages directed at bringing positive changes.



  • Do you think that Art should inspire a change in society? How far do you think you have succeeded as a Writer in bringing about that positive change?

Definitely, art is a very powerful tool and can create a huge impact to inspire positive changes in the society.

As an author, I have just started my endeavour to inspire positive changes. For me, real success will be on the day when I can see people practising changes. As of now, I have got feedback from many readers that they agree to my words, they have accepted my story with open heart. If I talk of real life changes, then yes, a couple of families has been inspired by my story, which made them change their decision, and they allowed a happy marriage of their kids who were in love with someone out of their community.


Therefore, I am into this journey of bringing changes through my stories and it may take time, but people are being influenced positively, so I hope it will have a large-scale impact some day.

It was wonderful interviewing you. To know more about him, log on to his Author Page on  Goodreads

Our fourth Warrior of Change is the Owner/ Founder of Reebok Fitness- Apurvaa. India’s Best Fitness and Wellness Experts have trained her. She represented a Yoga event on 21 June, International Day of Yoga for about 100 people in Delhi

I will rescue 3.68 lakh kids begging on the streets of New Delhi by June 14th – Ashish Sharma

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our first Warrior of Change was one of the India’s most influential and powerful Filmmakers – Sanjay Tiwari who has carved a niche for himself in his early 20’s and is truly unstoppable. His movies are a mirror to harsh realities of our society – Be it a hunger stricken village “Bundelkhand” or indifference towards left-handed people “Ulte Hath”. To read the complete interview, click here


Our second Warrior of Change is an One-Man Army – Ashish Sharma who has started a revolution all by himself to make  Delhi, begging free by 14 June 2017 and send those 3.68lakhs kids to schools anyhow under his ambitious project – OneGoOneImpact

1- You are one of the most humble and compassionate souls I have ever known. While others sit down and talk about child labour, human trafficking, and animal slaughter, you have begun a revolution alone. What inspires you?

  • If our Earth can selflessly give us food, shelter, fresh air and water free of cost to billions of us throughout our lives, why can not we give away something in return? My mother has instilled in me the belief that we have a universe within us and not we have a greater purpose in lives.

2- Tell us about “OneGoOneImpact” and the heroic warrior in you who has promised the world that Delhi would be begging free by 14 June 2017 and those 3.68lakhs kids would be sent to schools anyhow.

  • “OneGoOneImpact” is a project to rescue 3.68 lakh kids begging on the streets of Delhi by June 14th and 9 other states gradually. I am merging all social sectors-NGOs, Courts and Schools to create awareness through artworks.I have faith in channelizing all the surrounding energy towards one objective. After rescuing few kids last year, I was constantly thinking about the eradication of this social vice from ground level in one go. I remain deeply influenced by our Prime Minister and Chief Minister. This was my Awakening.


3-   You compose songs for Bollywood, write poetry, create art works, and aim to bring a drastic change in society. How do you do all that without ever having negative thoughts?

  • What the difference in an artist and a common man? I have kept asking myself this question from childhood.Art is a blessing to attain who are we within and inspire others to do the same. We have to draw a line now between what we are as an artist. If we go to back in history, we would find art has a meaning? Mantras used to heal people, artwork used to make people feel energies so if at that time such things could happen why can’t we do it now?


And we can use our artwork to help people.Ah… negative thoughts, even I get negative thoughts, I cry and feel messed up often but when we start taking responsibility, we learn to deal with negativity.My Best friend Divya Nair has taught me a lot of things and I give her a lot of credit for all my endeavours.

4- Tell us more about your Dream project- “The Universe talks” which is an impeccable fusion of 31 sketches, 31 poems in 31 languages from 13 countries and 18 languages of India.”

  • The Universe Talks had started randomly.A kid asked me,” bhaiya why don’t you go for the exhibition where you can create beautiful and unique artwork?” My sketches are of an abstract art, I draw my thoughts and inner world in a universal way.Universe has my back and I get what I want.


It was not on my wish list to take it on such a huge level, but with more and more sketches I got an idea to merge poetry with sketches. Later, I had a thought about adding various dying languages.And to promote all languages and artwork, a fusion of 31 sketches, 31 poems in 31 languages from 13 countries and 18 languages of India came into being.

5- Apart from exploring your creative talents, you are deeply passionate about working with NGO; s and Old Age Homes. What drives you towards social welfare?

  • Since the childhood, I had an urge to do something for the old aged people. I was 8 years old when I had started visiting old age homes and promised myself to volunteer selflessly.


I see myself as a mini-earth whose purpose is to give without expecting anything in return. I have seen my parents and grandparents work selflessly all their lives for others, they have inspired me tremendously.

Under One Go One Impact, the first target is begging, another is street animals and finally old-aged people.

6- You have initiated the #STANDFORSTREETANIMALS DRIVE. What is it about?

  • A friend of mine “Divya Das” is doing recommendable work for street dogs. I started the hash tag #STANDFORSTREETANIMALS where I make people understand how we all are same.I am happy to share that five of my friends have already adopted street animals after my persuasion.I am trying to spread awareness and connecting with different organisations with the same mission.


I am creating a model where anyone would be able to help, adopt and fund for street animals under this campaign by a mere click online #STANDFORSTREETANIMALS.

7- What is your message for the audience? How can we all bring a change in our society?

  • Help Others. Serve Others.Fight for the less-fortunate ones, spread awareness and treat yourself like a mini-earth which has a purpose of giving selflessly.


Duayen to everyone.

Once we start the journey, a million people come together to help – Sanjay Tiwari

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our first Warrior of Change is one of the India’s most influential and powerful Filmmakers – Sanjay Tiwari who has carved a niche for himself in his early 20’s and is truly unstoppable. His movies are a mirror to harsh realities of our society – Be it a hunger stricken village “Bundelkhand” or indifference towards left-handed people “Ulte Hath”.


 It was during my book launch of ” I am a Woman” by Aagaman Literary & Cultural Society, I was introduced to you for the first time, you showed up as an extremely warm and affectionate man. How do you maintain “boy next door” charm despite being one of the youngest and most accomplished Directors?

-hahaha , थैंक्स अलॉट तारीफ के लिए , लेकिन मैंने अभी बस  सीखना और करना शुरू किया है , और मुझे बहुत ख़ुशी है की सब लोग जो मेरे आस – पास हैं वो मेरे काम को appreciate करते हैं। जहाँ तक बात है manage करने की , तो वो सब बड़ी ही आसानी से मैं और मेरी टीम कर लेते हैं , सच कहूँ तो बड़ा मजा आता है मुझे।

  • Thanks a lot. I have just begun and I feel blessed to be around people who appreciate my work. I owe all the success to my team who make work look like fun.

 Inform us further about “Ulte Hath,” a globally acclaimed and award-winning film, which has won hearts of millions around the world.

उल्टे हाथ मेरी अब तक की सबसे बड़ी documentary-Fiction है , जिसको हमने उन लोगों के लिए बनाया है जो lefty हैं और उल्टे हाथ से अपने रोजमर्रा के काम करते हैं , २ साल पहले मेरा एक दोस्त (Shiv Pratap ) जो खुद भी lefty है उसने मुझे बताया कि कुछ लोग हैं जिनको हमेशा उनके सीधे हाथ से काम करने के लिए force किया जाता है , हम जबरदस्ती उनको उल्टे हाथ से सीधे हाथ पर शिफ्ट करने की कोशिश करते हैं और ये भूल जाते हैं की उनके लिए ये चीज़ कितनी फायदेमंद है या वो ऐसा करना चाहते हैं या नहीं।

तो वहां से एक आईडिया मिला और हमने काम किया। 15 minutes की इस फिल्म में हमने problems के साथ साथ solution की भी बात की है।

-” Ulte Hath” is by far the most successful films of Sage Productions. This focusses on problems faced by left-handed people especially in India where they are still treated as sick or malfunctioned. It is pathetic that we force them to start working with their right hands. One of our friends, Shiv Pratap inspired this documentary.Our intention is to change the mindsets of people towards left-handed people and stop the undue discrimination against them.


अच्छी बात ये है , कि इस फिल्म को लोगों ने देखा और खूब appreciate किया। आने वाले टाइम में हम इस documentary की और भी screening करेंगे ताकि left handed के साथ होने वाले एक तरह के discrimination को रोका जा सके। और उनके लिए कुछ product भी उपलब्ध हो सके जो भारत में नहीं मिलते हैं , जैसे : ulte haath  की कैंची , या स्कूल में उल्टे हाथ वाली कुर्सी

New York’s magazine interviewed you under the classification of – “Profiles of Change Makers” Tell us more about it. 

इसके पीछे बड़ी मजेदार कहानी है , पिछले साल जब मैं अपनी टीम के साथ अलवर , राजेंद्र सिंह जी (Waterman of India ) से मिलने गए हुए थे तो वहां मेरी मुलाक़ात gandhi B मैगज़ीन की एडिटर से हुई , वो भी water conservation के एक प्रोजेक्ट के सिलसिले में अलवर पहुंची हुई थी , बातों ही बातों में फिल्म का ज़िक्र हुआ तो उनको मेरी फिल्म का आईडिया बेहद पसंद आया और तकरीबन एक week  बाद मुझे  new York  से कॉल आया और उन्होंने इंटरव्यू को लेकर बात करना शुरू कर दिया , हमने अपनी फिल्म भी उनको दिखाई और उसके बाद उन्होंने एक शानदार कवर स्टोरी के साथ अपनी मैगज़ीन में हमको जगह दी

  • It has a very interesting story behind it, We were visiting Alwar for our documentary on Waterman of India- Rajendra Singh. We met the Editors of Gandhi B ( New York’s Magazine) at his home who were also discussing about projects related to water conservation.I mentioned about our movie and within a week, I got a call from them for the Interview. They saw the movie and were very impressed, they featured us in their magazine with a wonderful cover story.


 You have worked on movies about visually challenged people, a hunger stricken village “Bundelkhand,” “women’s empowerment,” “malnutrition of women,” “left-handed people” and “homeless.” What is the inspiration behind all the projects?

जहाँ तक inspiration की बात है तो में कॉलेज से शुरू करूँगा ,  जब में कॉलेज में था , अपना graduation कर रहा था तब बस ऐसे ही शौक में कुछ फिल्म बनाना शुरू किया था और शुरुआत से सामाजिक कार्यों के लेकर मेरा रुझान कुछ ज्यादा रहा तो वैसे ही topics को choose करता था और विडियो बनाता था , बस वहीँ से इस चीज़ की शुरुआत हुई और जब लगतार ऐसे मुद्दों पर काम कर रहा था तो मेरी दोस्त Reena ने मुझे काफी प्रोत्साहित किया , और हमने साथ में काम करना शुरू कर दिया , हमने बुंदेलखंड  से  शुरू किया और अब सिलसिला water Conservation तक पहुँच गया है।

  • I got interested in making movies during my graduation days. I am more inclined towards social issues, therefore documentary movies dealing social vices. My friend, Reena stood like a pillar of my strength and encouraged me to focus completely on making movies. We started with Bundelkhand and now we have reached water conservation.


हमको जहाँ भी कोई छोटी या बड़ी समस्या दिखी तो उसको लेकर Social Awareness और फिल्म मेकिंग करना शुरू कर दिया।  और आज हम कई  Social Issues  को लेकर फिल्म बना चुके हैं।  और अब आगे भी ऐसे ही फिल्म बनाने का प्लान है , ताकि हम भी अपनी skill से लोगों / समाज के हित में काम कर सकें।

 How has your filmmaking experience changed your beliefs, your outlook towards life and people? What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

देखिये , जब हम अपने किसी निश्चित दायरे से बाहर निकलते हैं तो हमको समाज और लोगों के बारे में पता चलता है ,  समस्याओं को सुनते हैं , समझते हैं और फिर सोचते हैं कि क्या किया जा सकता है , शुरुआत में हम बहुत भावुक हो जाते थे , लेकिन film making से  हमको चीज़ें समझने में मदद मिली और इससे हमको सही /गलत के फ़र्क़ को भी ठीक ढंग से समझना आया।

-When we start looking, we see the society and problems, some of us begin to think about solutions, others feel sad and depressed about the situations. Through film making, we learned to differentiate between the right and the wrong.


जब हम homeless peoples के लिए काम करना शुरू किया तो हमको लगता था ,  कि सड़कों पर रहने वाले हर इंसान को ज़रुरत है हमारी,  लेकिन उस पूरे campaign के दौरान हमको बहुत ही unexpected experience  मिला , कुछ लोगों ने हमारी मदद का सिर्फ फायदा उठाया और हमारे दिए गए कपडे बेच दिए ताकि वो नशा कर पाए। इस बात ने हमको बहुत कुछ पहले से प्लान करने और सोचने पर मजबूर किया  , और भी बहुत सी ऐसी घटनाएं हैं जिनकी वजह से हमारा perception बदला है।  ” बुंदेलखंड ” पर काम करते समय वहां के लोगों ने हमको और हमारी टीम को बहुत support किया , वो एक अलग experience था , हर साल हज़ारों लोग हमको हमारे collection Drive कैंपेन के लिए भी सपोर्ट करते हैं तो इन सब चीज़ों के देख कर अच्छा लगता है और motivation भी मिलता है। लेकिन  चीज़ों से हमको एक ही बात समझ आई कि अगर आप कुछ करने की ठान लेते हैं तो ऐसा नहीं है कि आप अकेले कर रह होते हैं , आपके साथ बहुत से लोग उस काम को करने में आपकी मदद करते हैं।

  • We worked for homeless people and felt how badly they need us. We faced our own issues as some of the volunteers backstabbed us and sold collected sweaters for their own benefits. Our perceptions changed while working on the movie for Bundelkhand. We have learned that there’s no looking back once we start the journey, a million people come together to help when required.


 Your initiative to provide warmth to homeless people through “Sage Sweater Drive” has been utterly successful and rewarding. How does that make you feel?

मत पूछो। मुझे बहुत ख़ुशी होती है , जब कड़ाके की सर्दी में सड़क पर रहने वाला कोई परिवार बिना ठण्ड के आराम से सोता है। रात को 1 -2 बजे जब हमारी टीम कपडे बाँट रही होती है तो उस फील को यूँ ही बता पाना थोड़ा मुश्किल है लेकिन आप सोचिये जब आपको भूख लगी हो या चाय पिने का मन कर रहा हो और सामने से कोई जाता हुआ आदमी  चाय थमा दे तो उस समय आपको जो ख़ुशी मिलेगी वही ख़ुशी उनके चेहरों पर देख कर अच्छा लगता है।  हम इस ड्राइव के दौरान उन एरिया को visit करते हैं जहाँ वाकई में लोग परेशान हैं और उनको ज़रुरत है , 4 सालों से हम सिर्फ दिल्ली या उसके आस पास के कुछ इलाकों में काम कर रहे थे लेकिन इस बार हमने अपना दायरा बढ़ाया है , दिल्ली से गाज़ियाबाद , नॉएडा , फरीदाबाद में भी इस बार खूब डोनेशन किया।

अच्छा लगा !

It is frightening how hundred of people sleep on the road on coldest of nights without anything to keep them warm. We started Sweater Drive to connect the middle class to lower class by allocating old sweaters at one place and distributing them to the poor.


 You come across as a deeply emotional and sensitive human being. When was the last time you cried?

Hahahahahahahhaa … अक्सर लोग मुझे ऐसे पूछते हैं , लेकिन सच बताऊँ तो मुझे भी ठीक से याद नहीं कि मैं कब रोया था। आप सबका प्यार इतना है की रोने की नौबत ही नहीं आती।

The love of people keeps me happy and I have no time to cry.

“Sage Productions” could easily be one of the most kick-ass teams to work with. What do you have to say about the people who helped you realise your dream?

सच बताऊँ तो मुझे कुछ लोगों ने बहुत मदद की , Sage एक सपना था जो collage के टाइम सोचा गया था जिसे मैं आज जी रहा हूँ , और जितना हो पा रहा है कर रहा हूँ और ये में अकेले कभी नहीं कर सकता था , sage की पूरी टीम को इसका क्रेडिट जाता है

Reena Rai , ने हमेशा मेरी मदद की और हमने साथ में एक अच्छी टीम बनाई और काम करना शुरू किया। जब अच्छे results आने लगे तो लगा कि हाँ , हम सही ट्रैक पर हैं।

film making एक Team  Work है , बिना एक आर्टिस्ट के सब अकेले हैं , लेकिन मुझे ख़ुशी है कि हमारे पास Tushar Sharma , Aarushi , Abhishek Gokhlani , Sachin , Madhav, shiv pratap  जैसे अच्छे लोग हैं। और हम मिलकर मेहनत कर रहे हैं।

Our Team has worked very hard -Tushar Sharma , Aarushi , Abhishek Gokhlani , Sachin , Madhav, shiv pratap and Reena Rai.


 Share your views about Bollywood Filmmakers that have started working on untouched social issues rather than creating a commercial 100 crore film. Do you believe that Artists have a tremendous responsibility and capability to bring a change in the society?

हाँ बिलकुल , मुझे तो लगता हैं कि बस सोचने भर की देर है , आप एक बार सोच के देखो , फिर देखना,  लोग आपके साथ होंगे और आपको बस लगतार लगे रहना है , जहाँ तक बात Bollywood Film makers की है तो वहां मामला थोड़ा अलग है लेकिन साल भर में कुछ अछि फिल्म्स देखने को मिल जाती हैं , सिनेमा बदल रहा है , आजकल शार्ट फिल्म का मार्किट भी खूब बढ़ा है और बड़े बड़े डायरेक्टर , एक्टर social issues को लेकर शार्ट फिल्म बना रहे हैं।  उसे देखकर लगता है कि  घिसे पिटे topics से लोग बोर हो चुके हैं।  और कुछ नया देखना चाहते हैं।

Cinema is changing, some of the Bollywood film makers are focussing on social vices and making films about it.

What is your message for the youth of India who wants a change in our society?

मैं बस यही कहूंगा कि जितना हो सके उतना तो हम कर ही सकते हैं , तो अगर सब अपने अपने हिस्से का करेंगे तो एक दिन वो सब होगा जो हम सोच के बैठे हैं।  अपने अपने हिस्से का करते रहिये , खुश रहिये और खुशियां बांटते रहिये।

Do your bit. Every contribution matters. Stay Happy and spread joy wherever you go


It was an honour to interview Sanjay Tiwari, If you would like to know more about him or watch his movies, hop on the Official Website