The show “Explained” on Netflix just did an episode on chess. Not sure how much weed was smoked.

Gotham Chess, The Internet’s Sensational Chess Teacher with over a million subscribers on YouTube who has built his entire career around Chess did not even liked Vox’s Show on Netflix called – ” EXPLAINED”

He tweets-

The show “Explained” on Netflix just did an episode on chess. Not sure how much weed was smoked.

Vox launches a new episode every Wednesday.  Each episode can be watched in 191 countries, dubbed into four languages and subtitled in 23 more. And this is EXACTLY why they need to do some research before releasing half baked lies.

The synopsis for Netflix’s Explained Chess episode reads – For centuries, chess has captured hearts and minds — and pawns — and it’s more popular than ever. What makes this ever-changing board game so special?

 “In an average year, more than 7000 new movies are released and over a thousand new TV shows, thousands of new video games, hundreds of thousands of new podcasts, and more than 60,000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day. Among all these options for pleasure and diversion, the one that experience the greatest surge in popularity in 2020 is over 1,500 years old.”

In this episode, you’ll learn everything about Chess but its origin.

It talks in detail about how the best players in the world have come from England.

Netflix and Vox really embarrassed themselves and the nation where Chess originated by these words,

” And Countries that don’t have a history of competitive chess are producing some of the world’s best chess players. Countries like India” and they subtly add the image of Vishwa Nath Anand.

Hold my beer!

Visha Nath Anand is not just ” some of the world’s best chess players”. He is a FIVE TIMES WORLD CHESS CHAMPION.

 He defeated Alexei Shirov in a six-game match to win the 2000 FIDE World Chess Championship, a title he held until 2002. He became the undisputed world champion in 2007, and defended his title against Vladimir Kramnik in 2008Veselin Topalov in 2010, and Boris Gelfand in 2012

.In April 2006, Anand became the fourth player in history to pass the 2800 Elo mark on the FIDE rating list, after Kramnik, Topalov, and Garry Kasparov.[6] 

He occupied the number one position for 21 months, the sixth-longest period on record.

Known for his rapid playing speed as a child, Anand earned the sobriquet “Lightning Kid”

India invented Chess.

India invented Chess and you are telling me its a country that has no history of competitive chess?

It was called Chaturanga in Ancient India. Persia, China, Japan and Arab manuscripts mention in detail how it travelled from India to the rest of the world.

If you are interested to read more about the origin of Chess, Here are few link;

Here is archaeological evidence from the excavations found in Gujarat, India.

Let me know you were here :)

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