Let’s stop the Glorification of Busy

Do you say or hear these words often?

  • I barely have enough time to sleep, let alone focus on what is happening at my kid’s school.
  • Things are just crazy busy.
  • I do not have the luxury of free time.
  • Dude, you seem to have all the time in the world.
  • Oh, your home looks perfect. You are lucky to have the time to do stuff

Being busy and being productive are two different things. Also, why do people take so much pride in being BUSY? You are doing this for yourself, stop boasting. It has become a bad addiction. Suddenly, it has become the norm to have chronic headaches, anxiety attacks, stress, insomnia, and fatigue.

Does BUSY makes you feel good? Do you feel stressed when you do not have any target up on your sleeves? Do you think this relentless urge to achieve something is good for your health?

Do you feel guilty of few free moments when you are absolutely doing nothing, nothing at all?

Do you ever wonder where you are headed? And why exactly are you in a hurry to be there?

Do you ever unplug?

As Dr. Melissa McCreery rightly pointed it out.

Have you noticed how busy has become an auto-reply?

As in: “How have you been?”


Busy is acceptable. Busy is glorified. It creates all kind of associations like productive. Things are happening. In our busy world, we’re busy all the time. Even when we have a free moment, an “unproductive” few seconds of waiting, the almost instinctive reaction has become reaching for your phone or some other screen to “check something. Many of us are finding it harder and harder to let ourselves sit quietly. To contemplate. To do nothing. And as a result, we are functioning (and over functioning) with very tired brains.

What bothers me the most is that this is not how our parents or grandparents lived. They did not have an agenda or goal for every day and were okay with doing nothing for a while.

As a kid, I remember having countless afternoons when I just sat there- with myself, doing nothing. I have spent hours looking at the starry nights in silence.

Everything counted. The concept of ” time waste” is comparatively new. A sense of guilt overpowers us the moment we start doing nothing. There will always be a list of endless chores to do and an all-consuming urge to be productive but it is also important to recharge our batteries.

Make time for ” doing nothing” every day.



  1. Doing nothing actually makes lot of sense. This point on this act of being busy brings a lot to ponder on things we do or don’t do and the art of being efficient. Very interesting!


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