When friends and family stop returning our calls and reverting back to the messages, we should just ring their doorbells and ask what is Wrong?

I feel very, very small today…

Here is the tragic thing about life that it can end any moment. There are no warnings, no notice periods or signs whatsoever. Anytime you talk to someone could be the last time you talk to them and it makes me feel insignificant, small and helpless creature.

We do not realize how many people are hurting because of us silently without ever letting us know that we are the reason they cried one night. It scares the hell out of me, I am always too cautious not to hurt another but I am also human. I have my own limitations, weaknesses, and biases which influence my ideas and perceptions about the world.


I have been hurt repeatedly and in order to protect my heart and soul from breaking again, I stopped letting people enter inside. I have become a colder person who holds the door wide open for anyone who wants to leave. I do not have the will to dig deeper inside people’s heart and find out why they wish to go. Maybe, they are going through terrible pain and suffering inside and they can not deal with any kind of human interaction. It could be something they can not share with anyone and instead they just put on an “I do not give a  **** ” face  so that people stop asking questions.

Aren’t we turning blind towards the pain of each other? Are we not becoming robots who can not feel, at all?

All of us have witnessed fights, misunderstandings, and breakups that erupted out of small, silly things. Our notions about the world can change our reality drastically. Wrong ideas are like little creatures that breed and grow inside our minds and infect us with negative thoughts, doubts, and delusions. Native Americans have a name for it – “Wetiko” (a worm-like mind-parasite that changes the mental perspective of a person).

Sometimes, another person is not wrong. It is only our idea about how they should behave with us that needs to be tilted. Other times, it is our inability to see what they are going through to act in such a manner.

Maybe, when friends and family stop returning our calls and reverting back to our messages, we should just ring their doorbells and ask what is wrong? Not everyone in the need of help asks for it and here is the right moment to show humanity.  Sometimes, people are fighting life’s worst battles alone without letting anyone else know. Just be kind, always.

I do not hold grudges or talk behind back often but whenever I did, I have regretted it deeply and wholeheartedly. We, as humans are quick to put labels on people based on one sentence, an event, a day or one occasion. Stop and press the button ERASE BAD MEMORIES, later FORGIVE AND FORGET.

The unkind, mean and heartless things people do to us will be returned to them sooner or later. When we plan revenge, repeatedly talk about it or wish them bad, we multiply our own sufferings and stay stuck in one day for a lifetime. If we can just remember that any moment could be the last moment for us or for them, we will stop ruthlessly destroying other people’s emotions.



3 thoughts on “When friends and family stop returning our calls and reverting back to the messages, we should just ring their doorbells and ask what is Wrong?

  1. A brilliant way of seeing things with a sensitive heart and the need for reaching out to issues faced by folks going through a lean time. I think each one of us in a certain way or the other are facing battles in life. Another way is sometimes we need to avoid negativity flowing towards us and the reason why we open the door, trying to let go. I am planning to do such a post next way on letting go and avoiding drama in life for sanity. Thus, would love to read what you think.

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