Dwarka : 12,000 year old submerged city in the Arabian Sea

The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it. Ayn Rand

Some truths can alter our reality, shuffle everything we know about human civilization and ancient technology.
I grew up listening to stories of majestic gods and wars. One of the fascinating was the story of Dwarka- one of the world’s oldest kingdoms built by Lord Krishna. As per Mahabharatha, the city of Dwarka was devoured by the sea after a brutal war where millions were killed.
Mahabharat says that Dwarka had 900,000 royal palaces, all constructed with crystal and silver and decorated with emeralds.

I always wondered if these stories were true?
Strange ancient artifacts have been found in the shore of Dwarka. Is there a 12,000 year old Dwarka city submerged in the Arabina Sea?
Astronomical Expert Dr. Narahari Achar’s Irrefutable Evidence That Dwarka Could Be The Oldest Civilization In Human History
What If Dwarka Possessed Futuristic Flying Machines And Nuclear Weapons Thousands Of Years Before The Rest Of The World ?
Dwarka excavations by the archaeological department have demonstrated that the rich underwater cultural heritage of India can be successfully explored, excavated, retrieved and preserved.

4 thoughts on “Dwarka : 12,000 year old submerged city in the Arabian Sea

  1. Gorgeous pictures. There are so many things that we as humans cannot explain. Once some friend from college went to Dwarka and rented an apartment to stay for a week but was advised not to peep outside through the window past midnight. Apparently, the Lord appears and people who happened to see him never back to life. There are so many things, I feel which is beyond our comprehension, fact or fiction. We must always keep our mind open.


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