Corporate life was giving me decent money but not inner peace : Satwik Mishra



“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Satwik Mishra, an Engineer by education, an Entrepreneur by experience, an Author by passion and a Development Professional by choice. He is the youngest CEO I know and one of the most amazing human beings too. He resigned from a lucrative job two years ago and started working for a rural school in Odisha to find his “Joie de vivre.” Currently, he works as an advisor to Member of Parliament in Bihar (India), fueling up the development engine of society.

  1. While all of your friends and batch mates had lucrative jobs and led a luxurious life, what got into you that you resigned from a corporate job to teach at a rural school in Odisha, India?

Luxurious life is a very subjective term. What actually appears luxurious to you might be something very normal to me and vice versa. Like an alcohol gives a kick to alcohol addicts, working in a social sector gives me a kick to stay happy in life. Education and Women Empowerment have always been my favorite domains to work with. Corporate life was giving me decent money but not that inner peace I was searching for. SBI Youth for India Fellowship gave a remarkable turning to my life. I worked for improving the quality of education in a tribal school of rural Odisha and that was something I will always cherish in my life. I also taught environmental and computer science to 300+ tribal students of the same school. Little did I know about my teaching skills before I became the one 😉



  1. You have been featured at “Under 35 CEO” being the founder of MechJunction, India’s first ever mechanical engineering platform. How did this come into being?

Back in college days, it happened to be my dream, to become one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the world. Having ‘delivering the world what the world couldn’t deliver to me’ thought in my mind, me with my buddies in an organization were growing with the decent pace. We touched the turnover of 10 lacs within a year of our organization’s establishment and was appreciated by renowned institutions of India i.e. IIT, since NIT, VIT etc.

But change has been the only constant in my life. My fluctuating mind has been oscillating for ages and no one knows when it will get its saturation. I quit my entrepreneurial life and jumped into the social sector.

  1. What/ who is the inspiration behind the Satwik Mishra?

If a mediocre guy like me could travel this distance despite numerous failures in his life, credit solely goes to the parents. They are the only god I believe in. No matter what, they always have been on my side, throughout my journey. My enthusiasm and their strong belief in me, have always been complementary to each other.KaliashSatyarthi, Ratan Tata, LalBahadurShastri are also my sources of inspiration.


  1. You are not afraid to raise voice against the social evils and dirty politics. What do you have to say about the millions of people who remain quiet when they need to scream?

Hypocrisy is the most accepted value and principle in today’s world and that’s something which really disappoints me beyond any datum. People resist discrimination only when they are the ones to get targeted. The selfishness index is increasing day by day and those million neutral people have a great contribution in this.

I am fond of ‘equality’ and I hate ‘stereotyping and generalization’ most in my life. These are few of my principles. I would do everything in my life but compromising with my principles. Life when stay aligned to your principles creates self-respect within you.  With self-respect comes the happiness, the satisfaction.



  1. How was your experience working with rural schools of Odisha?. How did you empower those little children?

How would you feel if you can give eyes to any blind without losing yours? How would you feel if can multiply your happiness by sharing that with others? How do you feel after creating hopes amongst 300 less privileged kids? While everyone says that I did selfless service by dedicating one year of my life in rural corner of India, I consider myself to be nothing other than being selfish. More than empowering anyone else, I got empowered myself. More than providing happiness to anyone else, I was at epitome of happiness myself. I didn’t do any favour to anyone, rather those students created confidence within me. They brought teacher out of me and I can never thank them enough for the love and respect they shave for me. I just gave them the taste of ambition; access to computer; motivation to dream; idea to think and they did everything on their own. I was not surprised when Rahul, the guy who never even touched computer in his life before, made e-greeting card for me when I was about to leave my soul behind, with them.



4 thoughts on “Corporate life was giving me decent money but not inner peace : Satwik Mishra

  1. He is such an inspiration and despite having achieved so much, he stayed humble and rooted, giving credit to parents. I like the idea of ‘Selfishness Index’ which is a good way to measure our personal growth from time to time. Very well done interview Nikita and amazing thoughts of Satvik Mishra. Keep doing such great work.


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