I am just trying to be the better version of myself: Ruchika Batra

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our next Warrior of Change is Ruchika Batra, a Mass Media professional, certified yoga enthusiast, personal development junkie and a fitness lover. She is a reservoir of Positive Lifestyle Inspiration. I discovered her through blog browsing and instantly fell in love with her blog – Namaste Happiness.

1- You have this obsession with happiness, wellness, and fitness, which is contagious for people around you. Are you happy to spread the virus everywhere you go?


This is the only virus that could save your life!! I believe I am just a messenger of my story like everyone else. I share what I learn, what helps me evolve and be a better version of myself because that’s what I am striving for each and every single day! I love good healthy food, a nice happy place, an inspiring book, and I love to share all of that through my words or videos. But am glad to know that it’s contagious!

2- How did “Namaste Happiness” happen? Share with us the lows and highs of making it a Brand.

I always wanted to create a platform that could help people choose a happy and healthy lifestyle because I come from a place where I have dealt with self-hate, low self-esteem, and approval addiction. Namaste Happiness happened back when I was discovering various fields in the healing, personal development, and wellness space. And I wanted to create a blog where people could come and take whatever works for them.


Hence, you will find all sorts of Health, Fitness, Personal Development, Lifestyle related posts and Videos to make conscious choices! This was always my passion and it turned into a brand and there are always going to be ups and downs but my passion has never faded. The only low phase that I had to go through was my attempt at making a mobile app which couldn’t be materialized properly because of some technical glitches but that didn’t stop me. Maybe in future, I can make that happen again!

The highs of running Namaste Happiness have been many – I had a full page feature on being a wellness blogger from India in the Smart Life Edition of The Week Magazine. I was awarded the second prize as a Video Blogger at Orange Flower Awards. I have had a chance to meet amazing people, interview and share their stories through my blog, I have worked with top notch brands. And I also started my Youtube Channel which was a dream come true!But the best part of running Namaste Happiness is the smile and appreciation that I get from my readers and viewers whenever they share their thoughts and whenever I go through those loved emails and comments. Those are my best moments and the ones I treasure dearly!


  1. Your Posts are confessional, awe-inspiring and filled with contentment. You seem to be at a happy place all the time, which is commendable in our times. You have been through a lot but all we see is a bright and smiling face. Share with us something that you have never shared before on any social platform.

Well, to be honest, I am not happy all the time. I am always in the pursuit of that feeling. I am still a big mess but I have a toolkit that helps me bounce back. I always try to change my story but sometimes I fail, I cry, I cringe, I whine, I feel like giving up and I have my share of bad days too. So, it’s not rosy all the time and not many people know this! We must give ourselves that space to be vulnerable, to feel demotivated but to only get back with a bang!

4- What is the story behind this woman who is confident, driven, ambitious, and extremely compassionate?

My story is that I am just trying to be the better version of myself!

5- Do you believe that the Universe listens to us?


The universe is always listening. I have grown up writing letters to G-O-D, I have studied in a school where spirituality was a subject, and my mother used to take me to Satsangs (spiritual discourses) with her. So, from a very early age only I have believed in this power greater than us. And I know for a fact that whenever you pray from that authentic self, whenever you surrender; universe always listens. And like most of us, it listens but responds


2 thoughts on “I am just trying to be the better version of myself: Ruchika Batra

  1. Ruchika is very inspiring through her words and practice.I love how she tells not shy away our weaknesses, something very few tell us.

    We must give ourselves that space to be vulnerable, to feel demotivated but to only get back with a bang!

    Love this line/


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