I do fear the Almighty – Sabi Shaikh

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our fifth Warrior of Change is a dear friend and Best Selling Author of two books, Sabi Shaikh who fearlessly exposes fraudulent publishing companies and fake Artists. He is bold and brave and I am honoured to feature him as a Warrior of Change.


  • Your first book, Via Delhi was about inter-religion marriages and won hearts of thousands of people. What was the inspiration behind picking a subject, which is much debatable in our Indian society?

The biggest problem in India is “Char Log kya kahenge” and those “Char Log” inspired me to pen down Via Delhi.

We are living in the year 2017 and this stupidity of “What will the Society think” must stop.

  • You have always raised the horn against Fake Publishers and Artist Cons. Does it ever bother you that you could get in real trouble some day?

Do I look like the guy who’d be bothered about this? Just Bring it on!!!

I have always stood up against what is wrong and I will continue doing so. The troubling part bothers me none.


3- ” Fearless” is one word that is apt for your personality. Is there anything that you fear at all?

Yes, I do fear the Almighty.

4- ” Knocked Out,” your second novel is already getting a great response within a few months of its release. What is the strongest belief or ideology behind your second novel?


My second book is about the “Never Say Die” attitude. If have a dream and if you chase that dream with full passion and dedication, then no one can stop you from conquering your Dream. Be true to what you really want in life and even the universe will start finding out ways to give it to you.

5- What is your message for the Youth of India who desperately wants a change in society but is willing to very little to bring that change/ become that change?

Be the change cause trust me no one is going to change anything for you. If you want to change the system, then you must change yourself first. Being in your comfort zone is not going to help you in bringing about a change. Be Fearless and start taking up a stand for what is right.



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