Love at the end is more powerful than all rebelled forces combined – Priyank Aryan

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our first Warrior of Change is one of the India’s most influential and powerful Filmmakers – Sanjay Tiwari who has carved a niche for himself in his early 20’s and is truly unstoppable. His movies are a mirror to harsh realities of our society – Be it a hunger stricken village “Bundelkhand” or indifference towards left-handed people “Ulte Hath”. To read the complete interview, click here

Our second Warrior of Change is a One-Man Army – Ashish Sharma who has started a revolution all by himself to make Delhi, begging free by 14 June 2017 and send those 3.68 lakhs kids to schools anyhow under his ambitious project – OneGoOneImpact

Our third Warrior of Change is India’s Best Selling Author, Priyank Aryan who raises voices on communalism, inter-community love & marriages, the association of religion with terrorism, child molestation, marital sex versus rape, building passion into profession & presents the real face of Indian society through his books.


  • Your debut novel, “I am dead, but my heart beats” was a best seller. It touched hearts of thousands of youngsters and inspired a positive outlook towards Inter-cultural marriages. What was the inspiration behind picking a theme, which could have created a rebellion from the society?

Inspiration came from my girlfriend Payal’s unfulfilled desire of seeing a book, which should address the issues faced by youngsters in love, just because they belong to different communities. Initially, I did not take it seriously but after her sudden demise, to overcome that shock, I realised that by completing her wish I can give a strong, positive, happy ending to my story. That is how I began with my first book.

See, every fictional work involves an inspiration from real life scenarios and so, sensitive issues of castes or religion were bound to appear in my book. However, those who believe in rebellion are the ones who strictly adhere to religious or spiritual writings, so to make such people understand I used logical verses from our religious books like Bhagwad Gita, Bible, and Quran etc, which mentions about love or marriages being free of any boundaries. I used those deductions and inserted comments of priests in my story where the religious gurus themselves confirm of love outside community not being a sin. I did some research and carried out few religious surveys and then connected love with caste/religion in my story. Henceforth, as of now, nobody has been violent and hopefully, my book will not face any violence ever. Love at the end is more powerful than all rebelled forces combined.


  • It would have been very challenging to use the backdrop of riots in Muzaffarnagar, understanding how Indian audiences often outburst on open display of such sentiments. How did the whole experience change you as a person?

As a person, I had that courage to answer questions if raised. Firstly, I presented the Muzaffarnagar incident with an altogether different look. During the actual riot, nobody from both the communities tried to save lives, but in my story, it happened. I used the backdrop of a riot to show how strongly being together can help us save lives. So, the message was to spread the idea that leaves aside the cause of riot, if every single person helps one person of the opposite community, if love, friendship and relationships exist between families of opposite communities, then whatever the situation may be, all of them connected by some common thread will always try to save lives of their known ones. This thought in my mind changed my overall personality too, I lost all the hesitation of facing an outburst because I knew am giving the solution to problems, and that is never going to hurt anyone’s faith or sentiments. I was simply following the religion of humanity, which is greater than everything else is, so I got more mature and brave as an individual while handling this topic of social impact.


  • You have raised voice against Terrorism crowned on a specific community and country, which is brave and fearless on your part. Share your views on the same issue.

There is a one-line view when we talk about terrorism, any specific community dragged with terrorism or a country defamed in the name of terrorism. In addition, the view or thought process says ‘No religion, community, or country teaches terrorism. There are some groups of people who are involved in wrong and sinful practices that defame a particular religion, community and henceforth the country. So, let’s eradicate such sinners who spoil the name of a community and country. It is wrong to call everyone bad because of a small section. We should feel bad for ourselves that we are not able to remove those bad groups, so, we can’t defame any community, religion or nation to hide our failure in removing anti-global elements’.


  • Your latest novel is named, ‘God & His Girlfriend’ which again is about breaking the stereotypes of religion. Tell us more about the book and its theme.

‘God & His Girlfriend’ highlights the important issue of why Islam is dragged with every terrorist attack. It projects the wrong notions spread by some bad people or groups in the name of global development for their community and we tend to believe their words and start saying bad for a religion. Therefore, the basic objective of the story is to portray the false ideologies being spread in the name of religion to defame it.


The book also talks about following our passion and how to make it really big, it discusses child molestation cases which are curbed down by families, the book also highlights issues like forceful sex post marriage not being tagged as a rape or an illegal act. In addition, the best part is that a beautiful love story is spreading all these messages directed at bringing positive changes.



  • Do you think that Art should inspire a change in society? How far do you think you have succeeded as a Writer in bringing about that positive change?

Definitely, art is a very powerful tool and can create a huge impact to inspire positive changes in the society.

As an author, I have just started my endeavour to inspire positive changes. For me, real success will be on the day when I can see people practising changes. As of now, I have got feedback from many readers that they agree to my words, they have accepted my story with open heart. If I talk of real life changes, then yes, a couple of families has been inspired by my story, which made them change their decision, and they allowed a happy marriage of their kids who were in love with someone out of their community.


Therefore, I am into this journey of bringing changes through my stories and it may take time, but people are being influenced positively, so I hope it will have a large-scale impact some day.

It was wonderful interviewing you. To know more about him, log on to his Author Page on  Goodreads

Our fourth Warrior of Change is the Owner/ Founder of Reebok Fitness- Apurvaa. India’s Best Fitness and Wellness Experts have trained her. She represented a Yoga event on 21 June, International Day of Yoga for about 100 people in Delhi


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