The World Needs To Hear Your Story!


 I whole-heartedly believe in the goodness of people, the power of kindness and the joy of giving. If we pay attention, everyone around us is a Hero, fighting their own unique battles and inner demons all their lives.

I read this quote – ” Keep on doing Good, It would come back tenfold in unexpected ways” and I try practising it. I always compliment people when I like something they do or say. I cheer for people when they succeed and achieve greatness. I forgive the ones that hurt me intentionally and I look for the good in worst circumstances.

I had also read that we receive what we give. It’s the Law. If we continue to pull others down, hurt them or belittle them- we’ll receive the same from some one else.

I became a part of this wonderful Literary Organisation called- Aagaman Literary & Cultural Society which promotes Arts of all kinds and is unbiased in it’s approach towards Artists. I was offered the prestigious position of – Managing Editor for Purple Hues, an anthology of Poems. With its grand success, Pawan Sir decided to make it an annual Anthology with a unique theme every year.

You can check the Links here

1- Purple Hues


2- Purple Hues -2


We recently announced the Theme for our third Edition – “Inspiring Real-Life Stories” because we believe in Warrior Next-Door.

Purple Hues -3

“Inspiring Real-Life Stories”

The stories from real life are as varied as the people they represent. Different life experiences, different families, different callings, different mistakes and different outcomes. It is marvelous to hear all the many ways that the Life works.

If you have an inspiring Story about something that has happened to you or someone you know which you think the world, should hear, E-mail us now!

Tell an exciting, heartwarming, or funny story. Your story should be in the first person and should be about yourself or someone close to you.

Tell your story in a way that will make the reader cry, laugh or say “Bravo!”

Your story must be true.No fiction, no creative writing.

Your life’s story is unlike any that you have ever read before- because it is yours and it needs to be heard. Send the details to what you have been through to in less than 3000 words and be sure to include your name, age, phone number, address, a photograph, and a short biography.

 You could be featured in the next issue of PURPLE HUES!

The selected participants will need to pay a contributory fee of Rs.2000.They would be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation along with five complimentary copies. The Submission window is open until March 31, 2017.

 If you have any question, do leave comments.


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