I will rescue 3.68 lakh kids begging on the streets of New Delhi by June 14th – Ashish Sharma

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference.

Our first Warrior of Change was one of the India’s most influential and powerful Filmmakers – Sanjay Tiwari who has carved a niche for himself in his early 20’s and is truly unstoppable. His movies are a mirror to harsh realities of our society – Be it a hunger stricken village “Bundelkhand” or indifference towards left-handed people “Ulte Hath”. To read the complete interview, click here


Our second Warrior of Change is an One-Man Army – Ashish Sharma who has started a revolution all by himself to make  Delhi, begging free by 14 June 2017 and send those 3.68lakhs kids to schools anyhow under his ambitious project – OneGoOneImpact

1- You are one of the most humble and compassionate souls I have ever known. While others sit down and talk about child labour, human trafficking, and animal slaughter, you have begun a revolution alone. What inspires you?

  • If our Earth can selflessly give us food, shelter, fresh air and water free of cost to billions of us throughout our lives, why can not we give away something in return? My mother has instilled in me the belief that we have a universe within us and not we have a greater purpose in lives.

2- Tell us about “OneGoOneImpact” and the heroic warrior in you who has promised the world that Delhi would be begging free by 14 June 2017 and those 3.68lakhs kids would be sent to schools anyhow.

  • “OneGoOneImpact” is a project to rescue 3.68 lakh kids begging on the streets of Delhi by June 14th and 9 other states gradually. I am merging all social sectors-NGOs, Courts and Schools to create awareness through artworks.I have faith in channelizing all the surrounding energy towards one objective. After rescuing few kids last year, I was constantly thinking about the eradication of this social vice from ground level in one go. I remain deeply influenced by our Prime Minister and Chief Minister. This was my Awakening.


3-   You compose songs for Bollywood, write poetry, create art works, and aim to bring a drastic change in society. How do you do all that without ever having negative thoughts?

  • What the difference in an artist and a common man? I have kept asking myself this question from childhood.Art is a blessing to attain who are we within and inspire others to do the same. We have to draw a line now between what we are as an artist. If we go to back in history, we would find art has a meaning? Mantras used to heal people, artwork used to make people feel energies so if at that time such things could happen why can’t we do it now?


And we can use our artwork to help people.Ah… negative thoughts, even I get negative thoughts, I cry and feel messed up often but when we start taking responsibility, we learn to deal with negativity.My Best friend Divya Nair has taught me a lot of things and I give her a lot of credit for all my endeavours.

4- Tell us more about your Dream project- “The Universe talks” which is an impeccable fusion of 31 sketches, 31 poems in 31 languages from 13 countries and 18 languages of India.”

  • The Universe Talks had started randomly.A kid asked me,” bhaiya why don’t you go for the exhibition where you can create beautiful and unique artwork?” My sketches are of an abstract art, I draw my thoughts and inner world in a universal way.Universe has my back and I get what I want.


It was not on my wish list to take it on such a huge level, but with more and more sketches I got an idea to merge poetry with sketches. Later, I had a thought about adding various dying languages.And to promote all languages and artwork, a fusion of 31 sketches, 31 poems in 31 languages from 13 countries and 18 languages of India came into being.

5- Apart from exploring your creative talents, you are deeply passionate about working with NGO; s and Old Age Homes. What drives you towards social welfare?

  • Since the childhood, I had an urge to do something for the old aged people. I was 8 years old when I had started visiting old age homes and promised myself to volunteer selflessly.


I see myself as a mini-earth whose purpose is to give without expecting anything in return. I have seen my parents and grandparents work selflessly all their lives for others, they have inspired me tremendously.

Under One Go One Impact, the first target is begging, another is street animals and finally old-aged people.

6- You have initiated the #STANDFORSTREETANIMALS DRIVE. What is it about?

  • A friend of mine “Divya Das” is doing recommendable work for street dogs. I started the hash tag #STANDFORSTREETANIMALS where I make people understand how we all are same.I am happy to share that five of my friends have already adopted street animals after my persuasion.I am trying to spread awareness and connecting with different organisations with the same mission.


I am creating a model where anyone would be able to help, adopt and fund for street animals under this campaign by a mere click online #STANDFORSTREETANIMALS.

7- What is your message for the audience? How can we all bring a change in our society?

  • Help Others. Serve Others.Fight for the less-fortunate ones, spread awareness and treat yourself like a mini-earth which has a purpose of giving selflessly.


Duayen to everyone.


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