The Woman who reigns all over Bollywood’s Badshah – Shah Rukh Khan

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While the world is forever raving about SRK, a few talk about the woman power behind his success, Gauri Khan.

A true queen in her spirits, an impeccable diva, the boss of the house, wife of India’s one and only Badshah, Gauri Khan carries herself with so much ease and grace, it’s easy to overlook her grandeur and majesty within.

She is restricted as a glamorous “superstar wife,” at film parties and social events. However, in real life, she says, she is much more of an all-rounder. She is a TV host, a painter, costume and interior designer, an entrepreneur and a producer. Being  SRK’s wife, Gauri predominantly remained the quintessential glamorous wife of a superstar.

However, beyond the power, glamour, and limelight, she comes across as a woman of substance. In her interviews, she talks about how it is not easy being the wife of a superstar. “I’ll tell you something, it’s a little difficult to be a movie star’s spouse. Our lives do not belong to our partners. They belong to the world. We are called public figures because we no longer have a private life the way it is meant to. To be able to take that for so many years and be able to carve an identity and space for you is extremely difficult,” said Shah Rukh Khan in one of his interviews.

Shah Rukh also spoke about how Gauri has made a name for herself. “And Gauri has been great in making a space for herself in which she is not identified as Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. By not doubting, talking, or doing anything, she has made her own identity and that takes a very large heart. To be a partner to a movie star means that you do not own them. And to continue to be like that without feeling belittled, smaller or unimportant takes a lot.”

She confidently speaks for herself when asked about herself beyond Shah Rukh Khan. “I’m comfortable in my skin and in my surroundings. Well, I do not think my husband or his personality overshadows me. I have a stronger personality than Shah Rukh.”

The woman, who is known as a fashionista, tells us she “hates getting dolled up” and going to parties. “I just do it when I have to,” she says.

“He’s been working for the last 18-20 years, 18 hours a day and I am still discovering him. Our relationship is always growing,” she says in one of her interviews.

We overlook women who prioritise families over careers and overshadow wives of some of the world’s most rich and famous men. Contradictorily, despite having access to all the money in the world, they have written novels, started companies, edited magazines, and practised law. In addition to their brains and entrepreneurship, many also happen to be jaw dropping gorgeous.

A successful marriage and a supportive life partner have no direct link with career success but it definitely propels you professionally and makes life more meaningful.

Here are some of the things that a good woman can do for you:

1. She provides self-confidence

A great woman can stroke your ego and give you the confidence you need to succeed. By praising and criticising when required what you do and not demeaning your vision, she is doing you a great favour. It is no secret that a King without his Queen would be totally lost and desolate.

  1. She fuels your ambitions

Women enjoy men who are ambitious our ambitions can sometimes take us down the road, an intelligent wife would warn you of a hasty decision and hold you if you fail.

  1. She offers emotional support

A great wife is there to listen to you. She offers emotional support that makes you feel better about yourself. In a world that is obsessed with results and progress, she accepts you as you are.

  1. She has your back

A good woman would always have your back. She would not turn away during difficult times; rather become a pillar of support when needed.

  1. She runs your home while you are chasing your dreams

One of the most phenomenal things a woman can do for you is building your home. A good woman would take care of everything else when you chase your dreams. She would make a bridge out of the obstacles that might come your way. The challenges a woman faces and the struggles she goes through often go unnoticed.


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