9 Things You Need To Know About A Writer

Why can’t I try on different lives, like dresses, to see which one fits best? — Sylvia Plath

It is a blessing to be capable of writing, not only write but read minds of those around.

Here are 8 things you need to understand about Writers;


1 -We remain so preoccupied in our Imaginary World that Reality

 hardly appeal to us.

 I seldom encounter people interesting, ever so seldom. Writers are readers by default, they have witnessed amazing life experiences in novels, found incredible characters and the physical world looks boring. We notice smallest of things as such as the way your eyes glitter when you laugh with your sweetheart, the way your lips quiver when you are nervous or frightened.The enclosing lines of stress on your countenance when you are worried. The way you shake hands when you meet new people.They way you stare at a blank wall when in deep contemplation. We notice everything and return sad and disheartened with the truth behind Eugene’s Rhinoceros.

2- ” We Remember EVERYTHING,”


For us, looking fixedly at a stone wall is important. We are forming characters in our head when we look at that. We have disciplined ourselves to look at a situation from all angles. We are Good People. We’ve grown like that being bound to the infinite thinking that continues on throughout our lifetimes. I distinctly remember the people and circumstances that tormented me. Sometimes, I can recreate the daylight hours of the twelve months, the appearance of the place, manner with which they communicated and distinct voices that were attended to or objects perceived.

3- “We are much decent at understanding what you never let out. ,”


Suffering is an anointing for an author. It forces out the Best in us.We give consideration to your movements and your speeches.We see, hear and feel everything around us, sometimes the world becomes too much for us, we hear voices inside our head all the time.

4- “Our Pride tells us to keep looking deeper inside Life,”


Writers represent the most passionate lovers. It is the thing that controls us. The only cage capable of taking hold of our free wings is Love. We give away everything in love and ask nothing in return. We express our admiration in a million ways. We never are worried about Gifts and Surprises. Our Creative Heads are over flooding with ideas to sprinkle a little more love on our soul mates.

                              5 -We get bored with All things, including People


We can not continue at one place for long. We get bored with people. We are always searching for something fresh from Life. I swear all the Writers fantasise about running away to a country where nobody knows their name. Nature is our Solace and solitude is a  bliss.Never Force Yourself upon a Writer.


                                       6- Writers don’t like to be Told  What to Do


” Awww…you know how to handle my Life better than myself. How effing CUTE is that “.Nobody who tells them what, when and how to do things ever comes in a Good List of a Writer. They have their own unique way of getting things done.

                                         7 -They ALWAYS say what they FEEL


They are the ones who would offer you best advice regardless of what you are wanting to hear. In a way, they are fearless and in some other ways, they are more than just scared.

8- WEIRD feels Comfortable to Writers


Weird defines them. They would shock you with the things they do. Nights were made for them. They feel alive when the sun gets down. Darkness attracts them. They would surround themselves with Dreamers, Singers, and Dancers. They do not create Drama and detest the ones who do that.

                                  9-Words mean EVERYTHING to Us


They remember Everything you say to them. Think 100 times before you tell them something because everything you do or says matters to them.They recall incidences from over a decade like it was yesterday. THINK Hard before you say anything to them.


11 thoughts on “9 Things You Need To Know About A Writer

  1. Though I agree with all the points, but last one is something I can relate to the most.
    ‘Words’ are really everything ❤ , but I still have a certain part of me dedicated to materialism. 😉


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