I have a writing ritual of dedicating a post for the year towards the year end.
December 31, 2015 – We welcomed New Year at Kemah Boardwalk witnessed fireworks on the beachside. It was freezing at midnight and people were screaming – Happy New Year, hugging strangers, singing, and dancing, drinking and merry making.
If I could, I would celebrate every day. Birthdays, Anniversaries and New Years are mandatory celebrations for me. Nothing is going to change, it’s just a date but in the world, we live in, we desperately need reasons to be happy.
What happened in 2016:
  • ” January ” is our celebration month, our birthdays fall in the same week, we were celebrating with friends when the clock struck 12.


  • We’ve been to Arkansas, Dallas, San Antonio, Boerne and New Orleans.
  • We went to India and were so occupied all the time that jet lag never left us. One of the cousins decided to get married on the day we got hitched. It was like ” reliving” our wedding on the 3rd anniversary.
  • I launched my Book -Purple Hues -2 when we visited New Delhi


  • I started doing a DIY Blog – Zero Dollar Decor, successfully completing #100ChristmasDecorIdeasin30Days. My intention to start the blog was to share with the world what mattered to me. I wanted to start something that nobody else I know of is doing.
  • I got ” The Best Editor’ Award for Purple Hues Annual Series. The second series of Purple Hues made it to Boerne Book Festival in The U.S.A among 30 other books, It also grabs the honor of India’s First Anthology about Parent-Child Relationships.


  •  I got real Lucky this year by winning a chance to meet Alia Bhatt for Dear Zindagi Contest. I wrote this Post which melted the hearts of judges and they picked me as a winner.


  •  One more wish checked on my Bucket List – A Girls Trip Abroad. I visited Seattle with girlfriends.


  • Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking happened this year but this year taught me a lot.

Lessons of 2016

  •  Expose yourself to as many people, places and circumstances as you can. Throw yourself into extremely awkward situations and see how you respond. I am not a ” people’s person”, I am just the opposite of that. I get uncomfortable and weird around new folks. I’ve met a lot of new people this year, some turned into friends, others foes and few prefer to ignore my calls and messages.
  • Draw a line. Do not let people get comfortable with disrespecting you.
  •  It is not okay to be happy and satisfied with your life. Quite contradictory to my own philosophy, I learned that you’ve to constantly chase life and evolve as better and better human being.
  • People are probably not happy with their life if they’re busy discussing yours. Do not steal away their joy.
  •  Your dreams should have a deadline. If you are waiting year after year, hoping one day you’ll have it all, you’re going nowhere.
  •  Walk away from people who are creating unnecessary drama in your life. People are great manipulators, do not let them make you feel guilty or sorry for yourself. I can count on fingers my real friends, everyone else is someone I know

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