The Best Gifts I Received …

-A Handwritten letter by the love of my life

  • A Ghazal : ” Apni dhun me rehta hoon”

  • ” The Secret” Book

-A Huge Teddy Bear by school friends on a birthday

  • A Poem was written for me

-” The Monk who sold his Ferrari” a gift by my Professor at College

-My First Watch by Dad

  • A Tiara

  • A Message that someone decided not to commit suicide after reading a blog post of mine.

The most precious gifts of our lives are not things but emotions like someone who introduced us to a song/movie/book that changed the way we look at life itself.

An advice, a suggestion, a compliment or a word of appreciation from someone that meant everything to us . I remember vividly telling my friend about the new project I got for writing, I said, ” It’s good,but temporary kind of work” to which he replied, ” Jaani, Zindagi kaun si permanent hai” and I stopped breathing for a moment. It was a wake-up call that I had not been grateful for life lately.


Another friend shared a very personal story and mentioned that it is the first time he’s speaking about it to someone other than himself .

A Friend shared a picture of her room’s wall with 2 pictures framed hanging neatly, one with her brother and another with me . ” You’re my family, not a friend,” she said.

Someone was told me , ” I make everyone around me feel special about themselves even if they aren’t special”

I called my masi in law, if there’s a word like that at all , shared with her my grief,cried and sobbed. Her husband gave me a gift that day which shall be cherished forever. He said, ” There is no bond of tears and life. kuch b ho jaye zindagi me, aansu kabhi aankho me lane hi nahi hai” { No matter what happens in life, tears are never the solution }

I once received a message saying, ” Hey, I wanted to tell you something. I have been following your blog secretively. I never left a comment but I used to read you every day. You’ve helped me overcome depression. I changed my mind , I wanted to end my life and you stopped me from doing that without ever talking to me directly.


Another follower mentioned that he came out of the depression after losing his wife after 30 years as he read me.

Besides, the good things people said, the bad ones have been the priceless gifts. When I was hated passionately , I became better . When people turned their backs on me when I needed them the most, I stopped asking for help.

I owe more to the haters than the ones who loved me.

Words have been the best Gifts I ever receivedΒ  πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “The Best Gifts I Received …

  1. When I was hated passionately , I became better .
    -So many writers born in this way! So did I (partially).
    Don’t you think Nikita, that being here on wordpress jotting down the feelings is far more pacifying than talking to people, especially the haters? ❀


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