Our Grandparents Think That Their Lives Were Simpler And Better. What Do You Think ?

Two generations ago, our grandparents were able to own their own decent house and send 7-10 children to college on one salary and small odd jobs. While they lived a very simple life with no weekend fixed outings and expensive foreign vacations, they were happier than us. Today, a couple with double income lives in a small apartment, eats at fancy restaurants, dresses impeccably and spends holidays at exotic places debates whether they can finance the upbringing of a second child.

So, whose life is better is debatable. We live in better homes, we have machines that can cook, clean and wash for us in less than an hour whereas our grandmothers used to spend hours doing the same chores. The internet gives us the benefit of connecting with the world but aren’t we disconnecting from ourselves. Organisations now expect their employees to be accessible round-the-clock. The fine line between professional and personal life has thinned and is fast vanishing.

A few decades ago, people lived a simpler life. They spent less time at work and had more leisure time for family and friends. It has been scientifically proven that they were physically and mentally healthier. We are caught up in political correctness and double standards. Life is hard.

We are not having Wars as witnessed by our grandparents but we are all fighting a battle within ourselves 24×7. We measure success as money. Our happiness index is dependent on our bank accounts. Everything revolves around being financially sound. Our Society refuses to respect good people with empty pockets.

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12 thoughts on “Our Grandparents Think That Their Lives Were Simpler And Better. What Do You Think ?

  1. I think they had much better personal lives.
    No doubt, the world is truly our oyster today. The same cannot be said about the world two generations ago.

    Can we mix these two together? Their happiness and health, with our opportunities? 😛


  2. Great post. I’m in my 50s and I think I had an easier time than my son (19) has/will have…getting a job, buying a house, finding balance in life. Technology is great but it places so many demands on us (or perceived demands), and it’s very stressful. Hopefully we’ll figure it out before we all burn out!
    Thanks for the likes/follow!


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