For You- Bae

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Is it absolutely mandatory to have a Single BFF because I have more than one? It’s not like you’re being dishonest if you have two or three best friends at the same time. Isn’t it ?

The First Person who taught me the essence of friendship, the joy of sharing and the bliss of having someone who’s got your back,no matter what you do was my Mom. She is my BFF for Life. For more than 25 years now,I have been sharing everything that happens to me with her. I can not go a day without talking to her. I never have to explain myself for who I am becoming .She is the only one friend who has accepted me all my life with open arms,understood my pain without me ever having to say a word and nobody on Earth can love me the way she does.

She is my biggest Fan. She is always promoting and advertising me everywhere. She has been Proud for my tiniest victories and lifted me up when I was broken. I can only wish to be half as wonderful as her.

The second time, I found my BFF in a Man who could read my eyes. As if ,he can see through me, he sees in me what I never knew existed within me. I re-arranged our closet one day,prepared wonderful dinner,lighted up candles and welcomed him with a smile and he asked me, ” what’s bothering you”.

Kitna Kuch Jaanta Hoga Woh Shakhs Mere Bare Me, Mere Muskurane Par Bhi Jisne Puch Liya Ke Tum Udaas Q Ho..!!

He has bigger dreams for me than I have for myself. Besides, everything else, he is the best human of my life. I have never met a better person. He is my best fan and worst critic. He is one of those people who makes you feel at home, I have always felt protected and secured and at the same time free like never before with him. He is the wind beneath my wings.

These two friends always come first – Bae ( Before Anyone Else ) ❤

Besides them, I have my own little army , people who would do anything to see me smile and vice versa. Friendships have to be more than drinking and eating together, You should be able to call them at 4 in the morning and be sure they’ll cross the oceans to save you. I do not know how to befriend people who can be beneficial to me someday.

If I do not feel it, I’ll not let you stay for a single moment in my life. A Friend to me is someone who knows all my stories, who would kill if you ever said a word against me, who would never believe in rumors about me, who can go days without talking to me but when I need them, they’ll be there.My List for BFF is long and can not be contained in a single post.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


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