I Am A Hundred People In One Mind

My brain doesn’t shut off sometimes.

I am a hundred people in one mind who are always fighting over something or the other. Yes , I’m always Confused and never really Sure about what I am doing.Plainly , because I’m not a Man.

I’ve not gifted the power of ” Concentrating one 1 thing at a time “.

Actually , I can’t even explain to you , what goes on inside my mind 24 *7 .There are 1 million things that I worry about every damn minute of my Life.


” Am I looking Fat ”

” Is my Skin aging ”

” Should I accept the Offer Letter or go back and prepare Dinner ”

” What would In-Laws think of my decision ”

” Is it the right time to have a Baby ”

” Blue doesn’t suit me at all ”

” Why the Hell did I got Married ”

” Am I over reacting to everything ”

” Lemme have a Cheese Burst Pizza , oh with Garlic Bread ”

” Wait , what about my Diet Plan ”

And full of doubts , and worries and things-to-do

I know You feel it .

I know you feel the expectations placed on your shoulders and the weight of everything to do and sometimes  it’s so isolating and suicidal. Nobody comes over to pat on your back and say , ” You’re doing Great.” The work YOU do is not even considered WORK.

I hear you when all you want to do is run away from everyone. Leave everything behind because some days everyone makes you feel so Unloved.

I know how it feels when you are being taken for granted. I know the feeling of not being appreciated.

You are doing Good . Hear Me , Woman.

You are doing the Best you could do for your Family.  I know  about the little compromises you made on daily basis to build up this beautiful family , you own today.

I heard your Dreams shatter behind the kitchen sinks. Get up and Start Again. You ain’t allowed to Give Up

Because You’ve so much  to be Proud of

So so so much.

While you’re reading this , I want you to know that You are the Pillar that supports the family. You are the strength of the people you belong to. What you are doing for them , Nobody else could have done that any better.

Stop feeling Guilty for Everything that you couldn’t have done.




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