’s okay to not be okay

girl-sad-road-w091-715x500-mm-100It’s a whirlwind of crazy chaos hovering all around us day and night, thoughts bombarding our head 24 *7 and emotions that create havoc within us whenever it pleases them. To always stay positive,happy and filled with energy isn’t feasible. What goes around us and what goes inside us is always changing.

Sometimes…it’s okay to not be okay. Embrace who you are, have faith in where you will go and celebrate whatever is happening in life right now because life itself shall not stay. You could be going through terrible things – just say to self – This too shall pass.

You do not need to pretend to be happy when you’re not. Neither do you have to hide your tears, we all go through difficult phases, we need to speak on the things that are bothering us rather than carrying a happy face. Our world sees sensitive people as weak which ain’t true. Hiding behind closed walls is the easiest thing in the world, what takes courage is to open your heart and soul with people who might judge you.

The problem is that nobody says what they feel, sometimes ,they just say opposites of what’s going on within. How beautiful the world would become if people just said what they meant. No mind games, no gossiping, no hiding around the bushes, no judgement and no chaos.

To feel sad and broken is okay. Do not start hating yourself for how you feel today. It’s a sign that you are still alive. Nothing at all would matter when we die. In fact, whenever something starts troubling me , I tell myself – I could be dead within minutes. Would this matter at all ?

We waste so much of our lives in analysing and finding solutions for the problems that could have come but never did. We are always worried about our future and looking at the past with guilt and regret. Why ?  The only reason we become sad and gloomy is because we fail to appreciate the present.

Life is NOW. It’s not after 10 years. We have no idea what could happen with us in the next hour. Appreciate every second that has been gifted to you because it could be gone any moment.

P.S – Do not just Exist..Live.


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