Thirty Six Twenty Four Thirty Six


“You are fat,worthless pig”, “No Man is ever going to date you”,” Stop eating like a pig”,” You’re Gross and Ugly” These are the actual words women are telling themselves on any typical day.For some, such thoughts are fleeting, but for others, this dialogue plays on a constant, punishing loop, according to a new exclusive Glamour survey of more than 300 women of all sizes.

Our unattainable cultural beauty ideals, our celebrity worship—those all play a part, says Kearney-Cooke.

The Real (Really Harsh) Things Women Think About Their Bodies

If a man talked this way to a woman, it would be considered relationship abuse. So why do we spew such venom at ourselves? Brace yourself and listen to the real thoughts of women Glamour surveyed.

“Fat-ass. Lazy bitch. I hate my thighs. I hate my stomach. I hate my arms.”

“Don’t eat that. You could probably use an eating disorder.”

“Your stomach is fat. That is why you are alone.”

“Oh my God, look at her waist and legs! We’re the same height. She looks like a model. I look like a lumpy sock.”

“You’re obese. All the pretty girls are size 2.”

“I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have sex with this.”

“Scrawny and messed up.”

“You’re bigger than her. Fatty.”

“Big nose, disgusting skin, bags under eyes, ugly feet, small breasts.”

“Please don’t let my size 00 coworker notice this huge gut I’ve been cultivating.”

“You look like an Oompa-Loompa.”

“Huge legs, fat stomach, not pretty enough to attract anyone, ugly in comparison to others.”

“I look disgusting with my cottage cheese legs and stretch-mark hips. Nasty. No one would want to touch me.”

“I’m ugly. Too skinny. Look sick.”

36-24-36 is passe. It was already an impossible number to achieve physiologically but women all over the world struggled for years to trim their waistline and expand their hips to obtain an hourglass figure . This phenomenon of defining a woman’s beauty by numbers got worse as time passed.What we look for in women today – 0.7 is even worse, you cannot change the ratio of body to skeleton level.

Even two of the most iconic beauties did not have the Ideal Body.

Audrey Hepburn was 31.5-22-31.

Marilyn Monroe was 36-24-34

“I’m not blaming Barbie [for my illness] — she’s one small factor, an environmental factor,” Slayen said. “I’m blond and blue-eyed and I figured that was what I was supposed to look like. She was my idol. It impacted the way I looked at myself.”

It’s important to remember that Barbie is a doll who stands 11.5 inches tall and weighs 7.25 ounces — she was never modeled on the proportions of a real person.”

Our body images have been shaped from Barbie Doll to a great extent. Barbie is not just a Doll, she is a blueprint of how a woman should look like. All over the magazines,television, and cafes , we see images of curvaceous thin women which screams that if you are fat,you shall not be accepted in society.

The ideal American woman is not only thin, she is thin with specific bust, waist, and hip proportions it represents a woman who, by garment industry standards, simultaneously wears a size 4 (hips), a size 2 (waist), and a size 10 (bust). She represents a sexual ideal, a fantasy, a nonrealistic woman who is nonetheless used by real women as a point of comparison in their efforts to “improve” their bodies.

If you’re fat,ugly or old – you are disposable. The society that we have created is a bunch of mindless people who admire uniformity. Numbers define us. Our Ideals are Victoria Secret’s Angels who appear half dead to me.



Women – Stop being defined by numbers. You are more than your skin and bones. You have a fiery heart and a beautiful mind. Stop working so hard to please the society. You do not have to fit in, You do not have to belong. You do not have to be harsh to yourself

It is your Body.You gotta love it. Stop pleasing them by cutting yourself off.

 You are not how the world sees you. They won’t stop judging you even if you transform into a Greek Goddess. Be thin like Lizzie Velasquez or fat like Whitney,nothing can stop you if you believe you are more than this BODY.


Source – Glamour Health and  36-24-36

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7 thoughts on “Thirty Six Twenty Four Thirty Six

  1. This is definitely a must read post. Size , shape , color and everything else are just attributes. These don't define our real worth.
    Beautifully written 🙂


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