What is ART to You ?

Artists of all kinds have this thing about them – they do not belong to any human or place.They do not fit into the boxes.They can not be told what to do. Anything that everyone else is doing immediately puts them off ,they would rather die than live a life like everyone else.

I somehow believe that people who have been through inexpressible amount of pain owing to their own sensitive and artistic nature end up creating their own world which is their own rehab and escape from the world where they never belonged.

” The Earth without Art is just Eh ”

I , for instance would not be buying the I Phone 7 because every human being around me would be holding that stupid phone. It feels like we are all being controlled by some Alien Planet but sadly it’s just a bunch of multi millionaires.

9 to 5 jobs were not made for people like me. I have tried being a labor for many bosses  but I ended up resigning within few months. I hate monotony. I hate sitting at one place for hours surrounded by people who are doing the same work as you do exactly the same way.It drives me insane. The fear of becoming ” one of them ” has been a constant source of depression in my life.

I like to be on my own. I do not like being told how to do things. People who follow a rigid timetable for life should be hanged. I rarely find people interesting. Everyone just wants to talk about food,movies and travel.



2 thoughts on “What is ART to You ?

  1. Feels like seeing me . I have worked for 8 years and Atlast ended up quitting because I couldn't live that life . Now, I don't have a Facebook account , what's app and I Am at home painting,gardening, playing guitar, stitching, cooking , reading and blogging . I decided this at the age of 25 . I am done . Arts I love , and as you say I live in my own world .


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