Things I wish I could tell 16 year old Self


Sometimes, I wish we could live our lives backwards. How would it be if we were born old and died young and  if we had all the wisdom at an early age and kept forgetting adult things as we came closer to death?

That would have been beautiful, really beautiful.

I wish I could tell my 16-year-old Self that;

–  It’s okay not to be a favorite of all the teachers. It doesn’t matter at all. Your grades don’t matter. Do not listen to the ones who tell you that your grades would decide your destiny. There’s no truth in this statement.

– Do not rush for things to fall into place so soon. It’s your time to make mistakes , a lot of mistakes so that when you grow up – you have stories for your children.

– You are Beautiful. Let no one tell you otherwise.

– It’s okay to have pimples. Do not stay mad at yourself.

– Spend time with your friends. Do not be afraid to make a few excuses or tell lies to bunk school some days.

– That girl who has been making you feel inferior would be wishing to be like you one day. The whole damn class would be Proud of you.

– Read Books. They’ll save you . They have all the answers you have been looking for.

–  You can not even imagine how beautiful your Life is going to be. Just Relax.

–  Everyone you think is Cool is just an asshole. You know nothing about people.

–  Do not waste time with wrong people. If someone is not excited about your growth and success , they do not deserve to be in your life.

– Learn to say No. 

–  Do not Cry for a friend who backstabbed  or a guy who mistreated or a relative who thinks you are too tall. This is all just stuff. What they think about you means nothing. They don’t even know themselves.

– Listen only to your Intuition. Do not believe that Professor family friend who says that Psychology is not your thing and that everyone fails in that subject.

– It’s okay if your parents get mad when you return home late. They care for you.

– Participate in Drama and Theatre. Get outside your shell. Explore yourself. Indulge yourself in everything that you see around.

– Do not stay stuck in a bunch of 3-4-5 friends. Go out and make new friends. Spend time with people who are different and you’ll learn more about life

– Talk. Speak. Express what’s inside your heart. They would appreciate your thoughts. There’s nobody quite like you.

– That Professor is right when he is saying , ” You’ll be a wonderful Writer” one day. Stop banging your head in academics. Do not try so hard to crack that exam. Stop running the rat race.

– Fight. Fight for what you want. Do not give up so soon.

– Erase that thing written in bold letters inside your head that say – You should obey your Elders. Well, not always.

– You are different and that is your strength. 

– You’d be laughing hard on things that are hurting you so much today. Let it Go. You are stronger than you think you are.

– Make your own Decisions. Stop seeking for advice from people who know nothing about their own damn lives.

– Listen to Mom. Don’t get a Facial so soon. Nobody wants your happiness more than her.She is your BFF.


2 thoughts on “Things I wish I could tell 16 year old Self

  1. // It's okay to have pimples. Do not stay mad at yourself.// I would say the same thing to my current self.
    You pretty much summed up my growing years except for the tall part 🙂 Seems you are much stronger and at a better place now 🙂


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