I do not know what I did to deserve HER

We were tuition mates digging our heads in book of Accounts – R.D Sharma or someone like that. Our tutor was a handsome young guy but we called him – Bhaiya as everyone else did. I met this girl – Sonali Mukherjee who was a Beautiful Bong girl , quiet usually during the class but very intelligent. She could solve problems within seconds when I just drew my Debit Credit Lines.

There were other folks I remember – Avantika , Daniel, Priyanka ,Antara, and Sonam. My house was nearest to the Insitute. We often gathered at the terrace of my house , swings of the park,samosa stall in the market and talked about everything ,almost everything.
I connected with this girl instantly. We started hanging around often. She was a favorite of my pet, Jill. I loved being at her home which was a typical Bengali Household with wonderful paintings,windchimes,gardens and amazing incense .
We cleared our Boards , got admissions into Colleges. I visited her often as 3 of my closest friends – Sonek, Monica and Sonali were in the same College. Yes. you got that right. Most of my college days were spent in their College :p
12 Years have passed . One Million Memories , Ten Thousand Inside Jokes ,One Hundred Shared Secrets , One Reason – Buddies from Childhood
We have stood for each other during toughest times. From childhood crushes to Career choices,from swings to dealing with frenemies,from college canteens  to office politics , from living within a kilometre from each other to seven seas apart – We managed to stay together.



Here’s a letter she wrote to me which makes me fall in knees in front of God and ask him – What did I do to deserve Her


The Enchantress ,

You are truly an Enchantress, a magical person.

You have a beautiful heart.You are a perfect blend of childlike fun and maturity. This is one of the rare qualities which can be found in anyone else.

When I first met you. I could feel a strange connection.With time our friendship began to grow stronger and stronger. You know me inside out. You are my 3 am-friend. I can trust you blindly on anything.



I am getting closer to you with the time and I will make sure that the lamp of our friendship keeps spreading light for the coming decades.

Things I love about you :

Anyone can rely on you- yes, you are the person with whom anyone can get comfortable. You make people feel good about themselves. I depend on you for so many things. Each day I wait for the night so that I can speak to you. I can vent things out when I am with you. You know my secrets and I love sharing my secrets with you.

•I have not seen anyone like you who has so much of patience. You are an amazing listener. The calmest mind.I can talk about the same things 1000 times and you listen to me without getting irritated. I really adore you for this.

You understand me. When everyone is against me, you stand by my side.. You are my pillar of support. And I know you can go to any extent to help people who matter to you. Your dedication in any relation is remarkable.
•One should learn how to lead a positive life from you. I feel that I am reading a highly motivating book when I talk to you. You really inspire me. I follow your suggestions and only your suggestions!!
•You are an intellectual person who knows a lot about life. One should take classes from you on how to enjoy his life.
•Nik, You deserve all the best things in life. You deserve lots and lots of love. Yes..you are absolutely right, you are God’s favourite child because you value the life which has been gifted to you by God. May God bestow all the happiness in your life.
•You are a true Capricorn. You don’t believe in small talks. There are many things which I have learnt from you. You have taught me to think good for others even if they are treating you badly. Only a person like you can possess this kind of positive and selfless thoughts.
•Never ever leave me. Please stay with me forever.. I wish you all the happiness , success , good health, wealth, beautiful dreams and all the positivity in life.
•I can feel connected to God when I talk to you. Always be positive and keep shining like the star… My super star!!!You have a vibrant personality. You are like a butterfly who wants to fly and spread happiness wherever it goes… You are like a free bird, who wants to soar high and touch the sky.

You are really an ambitious girl  with great creativity, talent and have a practical approach towards life.

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6 thoughts on “I do not know what I did to deserve HER

  1. I hopped on to this Blog through your – Zero Dollar Decor at wordpress and must say -You are a Very Creative Person. Full of Love for ART.
    Me too, but not as Intelligent as you.

    and cheers to friendships 🙂


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