Do not be fooled by Social Networks , Everyone has a Perfect Life there

There’s a lot happening right now. I can go from Happy to Sad in a microsecond. There’s so much that goes inside my mind and I find no outlet for those weird emotions. It’s Insane.
Okay , let me Shoot. Do not be fooled by Social Networks , everyone has a Perfect Life there. What really goes inside a person’s life is never uploaded on facebook. Maybe we should stop pretending how happy we are and listen to each other’s stories of failures and heartbreaks.
I hear everyone around me say – ” Oh , she has a perfect life. Look at her pictures on facebook.” 21st Century judges people solely by their social networking accounts. We have forgotten the joys of meeting friends for a cup of coffee in the evening , visiting relatives for the weekends and so so much has been lost. I am nostalgic for the days when people had to meet each other to know what’s going on in their lives.
I wonder if texting and chatting did any good to our relationships.
I heard couples divorce based on something they saw on facebook. LOL.
People are more screwed up than you think they are. Nobody has all the pieces fixed. Perfect Life is an illusion. At least on this Planet.
And trust me , everyone is going through something that they can not share with you. Don’t be fooled by fake smiles. We are all fighting for something only that we do not wear scars anymore. 

5 thoughts on “Do not be fooled by Social Networks , Everyone has a Perfect Life there

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