I am Tired Of Earth.These PEOPLE.


 I often feel like an outcast . I do not belong here. I have been thrown into the wrong Universe.These People do not get me and I fail to understand them. My Beliefs are not acceptable here. They worship Idiots and ridicule the Mighty Men


I am tired of Earth.These People. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

Hear me – You do not need ANYONE who does not need you.Distance yourself from People who do not Value you.

You need nobody’s approval or acceptance. Walk away quietly without making any noise. You do not have to feel guilty/sorry about choosing your own happiness. Creating Drama , being Loud and Cranky does not suit you. Sometimes peace is better than winning.


Let it all go , see what stays

The ones who love you will stay even if you show them the door .The ones who do not love you will blame you for the stuff that went wrong. Sometimes people hurt you and act like they’ve been hurt by you. Escape. Run away from the emotional Drama that people create to trap you.

Keep your Circle positive. What you send out will come back tenfold. Bless everyone you meet . Do not hold grudges against anyone. Forgive and Move on.Embrace Solitude. The only People who love you unconditionally are your Parents. Treasure them. Share your joys and worries with them. Spend time with them.

When I visited India last month , I skipped my favorite meal mom had made for me to see a friend. I regret that. The little you do for your Parents means a lot to them and even if you give away everything you got to others, it’s still never enough.

You already know who your Real Friends are. They are the ones who would do anything in the world to see you smile. They’re the ones who would leave everything and run towards you when you need them. They’re the ones who hear you when you do not say a word. Never let them go. It’s harder to find a True Friend than it is to find True Love.



3 thoughts on “I am Tired Of Earth.These PEOPLE.

  1. Hi Nikita. It's so beautifully written and I could relate to it . Yes, Parents are the only people who love you unconditionally and You can always count on them .There's nothing in this world which mom's hug of Love can't fix and there is no greater joy than father's Tap of Appreciation. Loved the post.


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