The Artist Within Me

There’s an inexpressible Joy in Creating Things on your own. Maybe, it connects us to who we are deep inside. Whether we write a Poem, Paint,Sing a song,create new things out of old or simply look at life with new eyes – It’s a Pure Joy.

I never took it as a compliment when my Teachers at School would say that I am a creative child .I did not want to be Creative, I wanted to be a Class Topper and a Good Athlete or maybe a good conversationalist. Being called Creative was never appealing to me. Winning writing competitions,leaving my teachers awestruck with my creative passages meant nothing to me.But it does not change the fact that this is who I am.

Creating New out of Old , making things look a little prettier , obsession with changing and transforming things inside home every few weeks, saving trash that could be of any use,writing letters to loved ones in the age of emails has been deeply personal to me.

Colors have a deep impact in my Life. My mother has saved my Art Books from school.Stationery is something I always had in abundance.I am forever fascinated by things that are Different and Unique and the ones that add a personal touch of the person who created them. Art, all kinds of Art lure me .

As a 15-year-old girl, I wanted to become a Fashion Designer. Ramps, Models, and Attires are magic in my eyes. Subconsciously, I always end up watching Documentaries on Fashion and Style, Life of Models,Beauty Pageants and Designers and Latest Fashion Videos. It’s only now that I understand why I do that.

I picked Literature over Fashion and I’m glad for that. Books are the Best Friends that I ever had. I owe myself to the Books I had the privilege of reading at an early age of my life. Post Graduation in English Literature transformed my outlook towards life. The Education that I had earned placed me much higher than everyone around me. I understood Life better as, by that time,I had read almost 100 most influential Books of all times.

Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats and Lord Byron were no more Literary Tycoons to me , they became friends as I read their works . Literature is Magical. I travelled far off lands, met people from different cultures and races and through those characters I had lived more than 500 lives in a span of 5 years.

I still don’t know if what I am doing with my Life is right but I know that 9 to 5 office would murder the Artist within me. To keep the Artist within me alive, I have to keep believing in fairytales like a four-year-old .

Money has never been an Inspiration for me. Ask my Ex-HR Manager if you don’t believe me. I live for Love. All I want from life is to Create things , make a difference, change old beliefs,travel and see the world with people I love.

I am a Published Writer today but my Dreams are much bigger than just conquering the World. I have been accused of living in my Dream World often. My thoughts can be utterly disturbing for most of the elite and well-groomed folks. I know that I do not belong here. My World is different. And I am not complaining .

Much Love ,


9 thoughts on “The Artist Within Me

  1. So glad that you are trying to live your dream. Yes one needs to believe like a four year old … to live carefree and happily 🙂 Hope you reach your goals and dreams 😀


  2. This is so incredibly relatable for me! For me, a mundane life seems frightening, the idea of a 9-5 scares me. And I often hear the same about living in my dream world, but I wouldn't ever leave it 🙂


  3. Nice!!! Good that you could chase your dreams! I also want to chase them … and am trying to do so.. may be for a few things i was successful ..but for rest ..its a long way to go. 🙂



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