Is there Any Workshop that prepares us for Death ?


Something inside me tears apart when I hear the word – Death.The most basic truth of our existence – Mortality. 

It’s frightening that any moment could be our last moment with someone. Life’s Unpredictable and sometimes Brutal. We plan and plan a lifetime , being unaware of the very next moment. Death is fascinating in its own ways. The Joy of being Free from worldly chaos , material domination, and fake relationships.

I do not fear my Death . I would be as content to die today as I would be as an 80-year-old woman. What frightens me is Death of another. We all know the deeper truth of Life and Death  , but Do we understand them ?

I lost a 2-year-old nephew today. And this brought back the memories of everyone who left me alone.  My Nana Ji , Dadi , Masi , Brother in law and pet. I also get deeply impacted by death in my friend’s family. I have seen what death of a parent does to the child. I know that the enormous gaps that are created in one’s soul never get filled.

Losing my Pet , Jill had changed my family. We became vulnerable , scared and lonely when Jill left us. He died in my arms after spending ten long years as a family member. I have known people who were murdered , I have known people who died in one flash of a second with no prior medical conditions . I have seen people die of Depression and Stress. I have seen even more people who talk about Suicide and have tried ending their lives.

I have seen it all.

We are discovering new and innovative ways to live up to 100 years . We have medicines for diseases that have not yet emerged. We are finding new Planets and life in those places. Call me Mad but this is not going forward in my eyes , it’s going backward. Life was Simple in our grand father’s age. They had little to worry. Our People today are dying more of stress and depression than any epidemic.

We are dying a little every day. 

Is there any workshop / Institution / College / School that would prepare me how to face Death rather than teaching me how to be a Millionaire. I need not much in Life – just a few people who will love me for who  I am. 

Let us all slow down our Zindagi and reflect upon ourselves – Where are we headed , What are we looking for and most importantly , where lies our true happiness.

De-clutter and Detox . Do Things that matter. Someone said , Of all the things that you can make , remember you can make a Change. Open your Eyes to the simplest Truth. Value each breath . Forgive , Forget and Move on. We are not going to stay forever . It’s okay if you fail sometimes. Money is only as important as you think it is. Look beyond the Horizon.

Life is Short , as short as 2 years for few souls….


13 thoughts on “Is there Any Workshop that prepares us for Death ?

  1. Life Is Uncertain , Unpredictable .
    We Never Know What's Going to Happen in Next Minute..

    Sad To Hear – Abt Ur Nephew ( I Wish – Return If Possible The Little One )

    Jill – Pets Loves Us Unconditionally All D Time ( People May Behave As Per Mood ) Obviously Missing A Pet Is As Equal To Make One Of Family Member. ☹☹☹ ������


  2. Hi Nikita . Sorry to hear about your Nephew.

    Its True , Birth and Death are the only two Universal truths of our lives .Everything else is just an illusion which slowly fades away with us.


  3. I know how it feels dear. I have never been able to come to terms with the loss of my dad. And unfortunately there is nothing any of us can do about these realities of life. Take care. God bless his soul.
    But if I may ask, what led to such a fatality?


  4. I am very sorry about your nephew. May he rest in peace. You wrote “what frightens me is the death of another”. I have had this in my family recently. It hits us at a time we are not expecting. Nothing we can do about it.


  5. Death is never easy … but i feel it's easier to face a sudden death than to see someone dying everyday, or approaching death with every second; when you can not do anything about it, except for waiting for it…. for the one as the pain in waiting , pain in seeing someone waiting for death tears you apart. When the doctors ask you, “when do you want to unplug the ventilator?”, guess that's the most difficult situation; it turns you into a murderer for killing someone who is already dead and you live a traumatized life….


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