We are Running Away from Something , Looking for Something , Waiting for Someone or Something to Happen

We are running away from something , looking for something , waiting for someone or something to happen that would change our lives.

We are all Lost. Waiting endlessly for something that may or may not ever come to us. There lies invincible faith within us.No matter , how hard it gets, we always find the courage within ourselves to fight the Demons.


What makes us act like Warriors when called.
What makes us vulnerable when we look at a hungry child on the street.
 Why do we behave like little children when we are hurt.
Why do we never talk about the pain that is invisible to the eyes ?
Why is it that we believe some lives matter less.
Why is it okay if Children are bombed in Iraq but not okay if they are  in France .
Why is it okay to feast upon a hundred species of animals and walk down the street protesting Animal Rights.
Why is that Women are responsible for being Raped ?
Why are all the Religions of the World glorifying Men and objectifying Women.
Why is Humanity not greater than Nationalism.
 Why are we still using the words – Blacks and Whites.
Why do we close our Eyes to the things that we do not want to see
Why is Everyone Drunk on Ambition
Why do we keep changing our Morals in Life?
Why do we Label People like Bottles
Why do we need to compartmentalize them as This and That.
Why is that someone has to Die of Hunger while another relishes upon treats
Why are we kept Divided as Asians , Africans , Americans, and Europeans


Why do we Destroy the Mother Earth to build something that can’t stand nature’s wrath
Why do we Kill something we can not re- create


Why are we struggling to Live each day when Death is on the other side.
Why do we think we do not need to talk about Meditation and Inner Peace
Why are we becoming Robots to Consumerism
Why is that nobody is looking for God anymore
Why are we always waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to change the things

8 thoughts on “We are Running Away from Something , Looking for Something , Waiting for Someone or Something to Happen

  1. Honestly , Some of these Questions bother me every single day. I try to find answers and I find them too . The Answer is Us.We need to change ourselves. I have to be better Me . Empathy ,Compassion and Love should be my driving forces. We create Zones , Discriminate , Differentiate and Divide in the names which I can hardly remember or Count.But We tend to forget that We belong one single Happy Family called Humanity . Why Build High walls when We live in the Same house. This is definitely an amazing post. Beautifully Written 🙂


  2. Anoosha , the problem is not that we are not willing to change , the problem is that a handful of humanity feel this way , the right way…

    And how can we change someone who does not even realizes that he is wrong.


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